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Sunday, December 31 2017

That Moment of Stillness

I heard someone on the radio today describe the period between Christmas and New year as that "little moment of stillness".  And so it is.  The mad rush of Christmas is over (did you really need all that food/last minute shopping/that extra packet of biscuits/the partridge?!) and the  […]

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Sunday, October 9 2016

Deer Hunting


Before you leave the blog in disgust thinking I'm talking about deer hunting with rifles, let me put your mind at rest.  This is deer hunting with cameras only!  At this time of year the rut starts, and as a result it is quite common to see one large stag with a harem of hinds,  and as the hills are  […]

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Sunday, November 22 2015

Same View, Different Day


Next year I've been invited by my brother in law, Russell, to join him at the Mothers Day Classic in Brisbane to raise funds for Breast Cancer Research.  After confirming with him that I didn't actually have to RUN, I agreed that if we could match up dates then I'd do it with him.  In anticipation  […]

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Sunday, September 6 2015

Work, Wildlife and Yarn Notes


This past week has just flown by in a flurry of work.  There has been much yarn dyeing in preparation for Yarndale which is now looming.  I have much work still to do for this event, but it is also the first event where we will try out the new trailer!Stevan has worked hard on this project, and his  […]

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Thursday, July 17 2014

Our little hard working Wrens


 We've been watching our wren's nest very carefully while keeping a respectful distance, and we have been so happy to see the young wrens appearing at the entrance to the nest and seeing the adult wren flying back and forth, almost constantly, keeping them fed and removing the faecal sacs from the  […]

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Sunday, March 30 2014

Assynt Walks


Lexie's long term paw problems have meant that we've had to explore areas of Assynt that offer easier walking, and in many ways this has been a really good thing.  We've finally got around to exploring bits we've been meaning to explore ever since we moved here permanently 6 years ago!There is a  […]

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Wednesday, February 20 2013

Mid-week Treats

We have had the calmest of weathers over the last few days.  It has been stunning.  Blue skies, an almost-warm sun shining, and no wind.  My drives to the Post Office have been slow, as I keep stopping to take pictures of Assynt which is showing her calm side at the moment.  This was the view from  […]

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Saturday, November 17 2012

Almost time to pack my bags again

This evening I head back to Scotland.  I have had a wonderful time in Australia with my family and of course I'll be so sad to leave, but I'm heading home which is always welcome.  I know there will be Stevan, 2 dogs and 5 hens that will be pleased to have me home.Yesterday Sheena and I took a  […]

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Friday, November 16 2012

G'day from WA

I'm in Perth at the moment, spending a few days with my sister Sheena.We've had a great time walking, talking, eating (I've discovered that I'm rather partial to lemon curd and pistachio muffins!  If anyone has a recipe ...... please let me know) and whale spotting.Our first walk involved Bob,  […]

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Sunday, October 14 2012

More Autumn Colour

We took the opportunity to soak up a bit more autumn colour today.  For some reason the colours really have been spectacular this year.At this time of year, most walks are accompanied by the sound of the rut.  The noise the stags make is unmissable and unforgettable.   The noise echoes through the  […]

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Saturday, October 13 2012

Autumnal Walks

At this time of year you need to be prepared to grab your chance for a walk when the weather is good.  Fortunately we're in a position to do that, as if there is a dry spell during the day we can both sneak off with the dogs for a quick walk without feeling guilty about leaving work undone, as we  […]

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Sunday, September 2 2012

Guest Post

[caption id="attachment_5619" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Self Portrait[/caption]Hello!  Lexie here.  Normally the post on this day of the week would be entitled "Sunday Walks" but my boss was a little preoccupied today and didn't have time for a Sunday  […]

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Sunday, August 26 2012

Sunday Walks

We really have had an amazing summer up here in the western highlands.  Last week we were still having temperatures in the low to mid 20's and walks were kept short and close to water so that we could all dip our toes in for some cooling relief:Today we took a longer stroll through the hills,  […]

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Monday, August 6 2012

Assynt Skies and New Neighbours

We have new neighbours: I love the auburn one - she was a real poser:We've had some amazing skies over the last few weeks.  We are very fortunate to have wide expanses of sky here, and sometimes they put on quite a show.  Here are just a few snaps from the last few days:

Saturday, July 28 2012

Coming along nicely

The "girls" are getting braver every day and venturing further and further from the safety of the hen house (or under Mungo which is a favourite safety spot).  Today they made it to what we grandly call "the orchard" where they started experimenting in the skill of scratching.   […]

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Thursday, July 19 2012

The Assynt Druid?

Stevan had been asked to take a photograph of the Druid's Cave on the Clachtoll Peat Road so as today was forecast to be the best day of the week weatherwise we donned our walking boots, packed sandwiches and tea, and set off.   On our way to Lexies Loch we had to pass a deer store which, despite  […]

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Saturday, March 31 2012

Highland Colour

It has been a week for amazing colours this past week.  The week began with beautiful warm, sunny weather, and the evening sunsets were spectacular.  Stevan took this stunning photograph.  You can even see the Pleiades in the top left of the photograph.[caption id="attachment_5189"  […]

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Monday, March 5 2012

Hello Spring 2012

Today it really feels as though spring has arrived for 2012.The daffodils are swelling beautifully and very nearly to burst into cheery patches of yellow and green:If you look very carefully at the hedge around the garden you will find tiny flashes of soft green appearing:My favourite garden flower,  […]

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Thursday, November 3 2011


Although we live very close to the sea, and although we often see seals popping their heads up through the water in Lochinver bay, we rarely see seals on the shore.  So it was a real treat today, when driving down to Inverness, to see these seals alongside the bridge which spans the Cromarty Firth.I  […]

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Wednesday, October 12 2011

Trip to the Hairdresser

In this part of the world a trip to the hairdresser offers all kinds of potential opportunities for photographs.  Jackie has recently moved to a new home, and I was keen to see what the views were like from her new hairdressing room on the outskirts of Inverkirkaig.The first thing to catch my eye  […]

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