Sunday, December 31 2017

That Moment of Stillness

I heard someone on the radio today describe the period between Christmas and New year as that "little moment of stillness".  And so it is.  The mad rush of Christmas is over (did you really need all that food/last minute shopping/that extra packet of biscuits/the partridge?!) and the  […]

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Sunday, October 8 2017

How it has changed - Clachtoll Broch

Back in the summer, in July, work began on Clachtoll Broch.  The plan was to stabilise the broch as much as possible and clear the rubble that had been created during what was considered to be a catastrophic event not long after the broch was built and which had resulted in the inward collapse of  […]

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Sunday, September 17 2017

Helloooooooo (anybody here?)

My poor blog - it has been very neglected.  Will anybody even read this, I wonder.  Summer has been very busy with a mix of shows and events and my focus for social media has been Twitter and Instagram - quick to leave a quick comment, and the 2 platforms seem to be well used.  The new workshop has  […]

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Thursday, February 9 2017

The Scenic Route


Yesterday was Optician day - a day I always dread, not only because of the likely expense of new glasses, but because of the actual test itself.  We have a lovely optician, Margaret in Ullapool.  She is so thorough, and fortunately has a good sense of humour as for some reason I always get the  […]

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Sunday, January 22 2017

Winter Sunshine


We have had a fabulous few days this week, where we have been treated to wall to wall blue, sunny skies, and although it was cold we enjoyed taking advantage of the weather and getting out for some walking.   As I've mentioned before, one of the biggest advantages of being independent and running  […]

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Sunday, October 9 2016

Deer Hunting


Before you leave the blog in disgust thinking I'm talking about deer hunting with rifles, let me put your mind at rest.  This is deer hunting with cameras only!  At this time of year the rut starts, and as a result it is quite common to see one large stag with a harem of hinds,  and as the hills are  […]

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Saturday, June 11 2016

Waste Not, Want Not


Most days we do a walk down to Stoer beach.  Now that Lexie is getting on and is less mobile than she used to be, walks up into the hills are not as easy for her as they once were, so we stick to a walk that keeps her on a good surfaced road rather than making her scramble over heather and bracken.  […]

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Sunday, December 20 2015

The Off Grid Life


I apologise in advance for the lack of pretty photographs in this blog entry, but there has been some interest in what it is like for us living off grid, so I decided to put down a few thoughts, and as photographs showing our system are few and far between, and unless you have a passion for  […]

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Sunday, December 6 2015

The "Notes" in Yarn Notes from Assynt


After my previous post about the yarn club for next year - Yarn Notes from Assynt 2016 - I thought I would give you a flavour of the kind of notes that you would receive with your package each month.  It was hard to select one month to show you,  but after looking through Stevan's notes for the year  […]

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Sunday, November 29 2015

Yarn Notes from Assynt Yarn Club - 2016

A club yarn parcel from earlier in the year

[caption id="attachment_8520" align="aligncenter" width="643"] A club yarn parcel from earlier in the year[/caption]This weekend finds me packaging up the parcels for the final instalment of the Yarn Notes from Assynt 2015 yarn club.  Over the early part of next week  […]

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Sunday, November 22 2015

Same View, Different Day


Next year I've been invited by my brother in law, Russell, to join him at the Mothers Day Classic in Brisbane to raise funds for Breast Cancer Research.  After confirming with him that I didn't actually have to RUN, I agreed that if we could match up dates then I'd do it with him.  In anticipation  […]

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Sunday, November 1 2015

Winter Approaches


Strangely enough we've been having mild temperatures over the past week, which, given it is the 1st day in November, feels a little odd.   But look at the landscape, and the signs that winter is approaching are all too clear.  Mushrooms are to be found all over the place at the momentand the bracken  […]

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Sunday, September 6 2015

Work, Wildlife and Yarn Notes


This past week has just flown by in a flurry of work.  There has been much yarn dyeing in preparation for Yarndale which is now looming.  I have much work still to do for this event, but it is also the first event where we will try out the new trailer!Stevan has worked hard on this project, and his  […]

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Sunday, July 5 2015

Glorious Weather


I really try very hard not to complain about the weather - after all you don't live this far north for the weather.  But I would be the first to admit that our spring and summer this year has not been the best.  Wet, cold and windy just about covers it.But something you learn to do when you live  […]

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Friday, July 3 2015

My Workspace


It is a long time since I showed you "The Shed" aka "The Workshop" aka "The Studio" (when I'm feeling posh!).  It is such a lovely sunny day today, and the shed is looking particularly neat and tidy, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to show you where all the yarn  […]

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Saturday, April 11 2015

Ripples Crafts / Glencanisp Lodge Retreat 2015


EDITED TO ADD:  All the rooms have now been reserved.  I am, however, opening a waiting list in case those who have reserved rooms need to drop out for any reason, so please still get in touch if you are interested.Thank you for the magnificent (and quick!) response to this retreat. There has been a  […]

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Thursday, April 9 2015

Busy week!


It has been a bit of a busy week.  We had to take advantage of the good weather over the Easter weekend and get the old turbine down, and the new turbine up.  There was an anxious time while we waited for the wind to pick up again - had the wiring all been done correctly, were all the stays keeping  […]

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Sunday, March 29 2015

Sunday Walks


As the problem Lexie had with her paws has been improving, so we've been getting a little more adventurous in our hill walks again.  It is such a delight to see her leaping over heather and bracken again.  This time last year she couldn't put her paw on the ground without it spontaneously bleeding.  […]

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Tuesday, February 17 2015

Work, work, work ....


It has been ALL about work in recent weeks, so I do apologise for being absent from the blog for so long.  I'm dyeing up a storm for Edinburgh Yarn Festival which takes place in just 4 weeks time.   Here is just a handful of yarns waiting for labelling.  I've rented a van to get everything down to  […]

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Wednesday, October 15 2014

I took a day off


I have been working flat out for the last 10 days, trying to catch up after being laid low with a horrid cold after Yarndale, and so when it looked like the weather today was going to be rather lovely, I took the day off.  One of the perks of self employment!After an extremely lazy morning we headed  […]

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