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Thursday, March 22 2018

Edinburgh Yarn Festival 2018

I have been trying hard to digest and mull over Edinburgh Yarn Festival 2018 for the last few days.   It is very difficult to put down in words just how much, from a vendor's perspective, I enjoyed this event this year.  I am struggling to pin point exactly what it was that made it so enjoyable but  […]

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Tuesday, January 30 2018

Questions, questions, questions .....

I was writing up notes for the 2 people who will be helping me at Edinburgh Yarn Festival this year, and it got me to thinking about questions I've been asked over the 10 years of doing events around the country about how/why I dye the way I do, along with some other queries.  So I thought I'd jot  […]

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Friday, January 19 2018

Scenic Weather

Yesterday found us heading to Inverness, to the funeral of one of our community, Pauline.  She was a larger than life character whose laughter could be heard a long time before you actually saw her.  We were sad to say our goodbyes but it was a lovely service, with many memories of her laughter and  […]

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Wednesday, March 15 2017

Edinburgh Yarn Festival 2017

What an absolutely wonderful weekend!  I cannot begin to explain how much fun it was at Edinburgh Yarn Festival this year.   I can hardly believe it is all over.  I spent most of winter dyeing yarn for the event, and despite taking nearly 1/4 more stock than I took with me last year I was still  […]

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Thursday, January 19 2017

A Day Off


One of the pleasures of self employment is that you're not tied to regimented hours of 9 to 5 Monday to Friday, which means you have to face the shops on a Saturday or Sunday when most of the rest of the working population are doing their shopping.  So on Tuesday I declared we were risking scurvy  […]

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Monday, November 21 2016

Clearing the Mind


I doubt anyone could deny that 2016 has thrown some real stinkers at the world.  It has been quite a year.  Sometimes we just need to step back, take a deep breath, and decide what we want to focus on.  Do we want to constantly seek out the negative or do we want to try and find something, albeit  […]

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Friday, March 25 2016

EYF - Over for another year (sadly!)


Wow! What a week it was last week.  Early on Thursday morning found us on the road to Edinburgh.  The trailer was absolutely stuffed, as was our little car.   The poor dogs were wondering where they were to squeeze in, I suspect, but we all fitted in and had a trouble free run down to  […]

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Thursday, March 10 2016



Well, almost!  This time next week I'll be sitting quietly in a corner of our friends house having travelled down to Edinburgh and set up for Edinburgh Yarn Festival 2016 wondering what it is I've forgotten to dye/pack/bring/do/knit/label.  The hard work of setting up the stand will have been done,  […]

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Monday, February 29 2016


Photography by Katie Blair Matthews

Introducing ...........[caption id="attachment_8602" align="aligncenter" width="669"] Dunedin, designed by Lucy Hague                                                                                                        Photography by Katie Blair  […]

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Sunday, March 22 2015

The "Ripples" in Ripples Crafts


Sometimes I idly wonder if I chose the right name for my business - Ripples Crafts.  I mean, it doesn't really say "hand dyed yarn" does it?  But then someone said something to me at the Edinburgh Yarn Festival which bought back exactly why I'd chosen the name, and I searched back through  […]

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Monday, March 16 2015

Aaaaaannnnnnd ............ Collapse


What a wonderful weekend at the Edinburgh Yarn Festival.I could end this blog entry right now and that first sentence would say it all.  But I know you'd be disappointed if I didn't have more to say and I feel like there is  bit of an Oscar speech coming on!First, let me say the biggest and loudest  […]

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Friday, March 13 2015

On the eve of Edinburgh Yarn Festival


Tomorrow the Edinburgh Yarn Festival will be OPEN for business!Today was all about the hard work of setting up.  We arrived to find our stand ready for us, albeit a little bare looking:The first thing to happen was the beautiful plan I'd drawn up and mapped out got screwed up into a ball and thrown  […]

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Friday, March 6 2015

Gearing up - Edinburgh Yarn Festival Looms


This time next week I'll be setting up the stand for the Edinburgh Yarn Festival.   I am more than excited about this.  This event is going to be HUGE!  There are visitors, vendors and teachers coming from all over the world.  And I am going to be there too.   I can't tell you how much it thrills me  […]

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Tuesday, February 17 2015

Work, work, work ....


It has been ALL about work in recent weeks, so I do apologise for being absent from the blog for so long.  I'm dyeing up a storm for Edinburgh Yarn Festival which takes place in just 4 weeks time.   Here is just a handful of yarns waiting for labelling.  I've rented a van to get everything down to  […]

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Sunday, February 1 2015

And the Winners Are .................


Thank you for all your comments.  They were all printed off, folded up and put into a rather special hat which will feature at the Edinburgh Yarn Festival, and Stevan was called upon to do the honours:And the winners of a weekend pass for the Edinburgh Yarn Festival are ......... drumroll  […]

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Saturday, January 31 2015

Do you want a ticket to Edinburgh Yarn Festival?


The organisers of the Edinburgh Yarn Festival have very kindly given me TWO WEEKEND ENTRY TICKETS to give away.  These arrived today, and  I thought I'd better come up with some clever competition really quickly to give you the chance to win one of these tickets before booking opened tomorrow, but I  […]

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Friday, January 30 2015

This and That ....


It has been a busy couple of weeks, and I've much to tell you.  This post will be a mish mash of bits and bobs, this and that.Firstly, I had a little break last week when our friends, Neil and Gilly, came to visit.  Unfortunately the weather was not very kind to us, so we didn't get out on as many  […]

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Sunday, January 11 2015

Edinburgh Yarn Festival 2015


 Are you?The vendor list is now available for the Edinburgh Yarn Festival to be held on 14th and 15th March 2015 at the Corn Exchange, Edinburgh.  And I'm very pleased to say I am one of those vendors.  If you intend being anywhere near Edinburgh that weekend, do come along!

Sunday, November 16 2014

Knitting time


My current project is a cardigan called Chance of Showers, by the designer Heidi Kirrmaier.   Some of you may see the similarities between this design and an earlier design of hers called Vitamin D.I am working in one of my favourite yarns - sport weight.  "Sport Weight" is not a term for  […]

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Sunday, August 24 2014

Sunday Walks


Peggy and I were on our own today for our Sunday Walk.  We headed up to one of my favourite lochs (currently nameless on most maps that we've found), and then headed along the top of the hills to Lexie's Loch.  After what feels like days (and nights) of rain, the ground was pretty soggy underfoot,  […]

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