We took the opportunity to soak up a bit more autumn colour today.  For some reason the colours really have been spectacular this year.

At this time of year, most walks are accompanied by the sound of the rut.  The noise the stags make is unmissable and unforgettable.   The noise echoes through the hills, and although it sounds as if the deer are very close they are usually further away than you think.  On occasions, in the past, we've managed to get very close to deer in the hills, but not today - today we only glimpsed this herd in the distance:

Sometimes Lexie does have a point about just sitting and looking at the view for a while.  Here we are overlooking Lexie's Loch - one of my favourite views of the loch.

In the distance, beyond Lexie's Loch, you can see all the iconic hills found in Assynt.   And looking upwards, the clouds were looking so dramatic:

And looking down at the rock which the dogs and I had been sitting on bought the realisation that even though we often just consider rocks to be grey, there is quite often a lot more to them than that:

I think I may have to review my version of "Assynt Rocks"!