Before you leave the blog in disgust thinking I'm talking about deer hunting with rifles, let me put your mind at rest.  This is deer hunting with cameras only!  At this time of year the rut starts, and as a result it is quite common to see one large stag with a harem of hinds,  and as the hills are not far from our front door we have a huge opportunity to both see and hear them around this time of the year.

We have been having some wonderful autumnal weather, so yesterday we set off up to Water Loch, an area where we are usually assured of seeing deer.  And we were not disappointed.  As we approached Water Loch we realised we'd been rather noisy on our ascent up to the loch - chattering away forgetting that the deer would be on the look out for strange predators.  We were also very visible against the skyline, so it was unsurprising our first glimpse of deer was of them disappearing over a ridge in the distance.  We headed up the next hill more quietly and carefully, and were rewarded with this:






Peggy and Lexie seem to know the routine now - although Peggy may have been known to go charging down the hill in an attempt to scatter the deer!  They are very good and seem to know exactly what we're doing when we dip down low and watch the deer from behind a rock.   And ultimately, if we don't get to see any deer at all, we still have a fabulous walk in some of the best scenery in the world.