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Monday, December 23 2019

Thinking back

The light on our walk this morning was wonderful, and the rising sun highlighted Stoer Lodge, which overlooks Stoer Bay.  Although we were dressed warmly with jackets, gloves and hats this morning, it brought back memories of a very different looking Stoer Lodge.  A very much colder Stoer Lodge.   […]

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Friday, January 19 2018

Scenic Weather

Yesterday found us heading to Inverness, to the funeral of one of our community, Pauline.  She was a larger than life character whose laughter could be heard a long time before you actually saw her.  We were sad to say our goodbyes but it was a lovely service, with many memories of her laughter and  […]

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Monday, March 5 2012

Hello Spring 2012

Today it really feels as though spring has arrived for 2012.The daffodils are swelling beautifully and very nearly to burst into cheery patches of yellow and green:If you look very carefully at the hedge around the garden you will find tiny flashes of soft green appearing:My favourite garden flower,  […]

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Tuesday, December 6 2011

What a difference a few hours make

Sunday afternoon:Monday morning!:I think it is safe to say winter has arrived.  And that black cloud ..... it really did look that black and angry and it was snow laden.

Thursday, March 10 2011

Winter is not quite done with us yet.

That white line across the sea is snow.  It is very cold!

Tuesday, February 15 2011

Dyeing, Knitting, and a bit of Admiring the View

Dyeing: The Fibre is up in the shop. I'm really enjoying the fibre dyeing again.  I've had a bit of a break from it, but with encouragement from someone who's opinion I value and who very kindly said she loved my dyed fibre, I decided to get back into it.   So there it is.  I hope you like it.  At  […]

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Wednesday, December 22 2010

Candid Camera

This morning at 9.00am the moon was still high in the sky above the village of Stoer:I usually make sure I'm behind the camera rather than in front of it, but Stevan couldn't resist this photograph showing Peggy sitting behind me in the freezing cold.In my rush to get out to photograph the moon I  […]

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Thursday, December 2 2010


Yesterday we had to go to Inverness.   We decided to be brave and venture out into the snow covered landscape.   And we were glad we did.  It was absolutely stunning.[caption id="attachment_3590" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="Snow alongside Loch  […]

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Wednesday, December 1 2010


While I appreciate that, for many, snow and ice is not much fun and in some cases is very dangerous, but still - it is so pretty.Icicles have been forming on the rocks pretty quickly in the freezing weather we've been having, and I managed to catch them on film yesterday just as the sun was setting  […]

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Saturday, November 27 2010

Short Rations

We've been tied up with so many other things recently that our food shopping has been allowed to slip and we've steadily been running out of basics.  We had planned to go across to the East Coast today to stock up on essentials, but when we set off this morning we realised that it would be foolish  […]

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Sunday, February 21 2010

Sunday Walks

Once again our Sunday walk was a little curtailed.  We did have good intentions (I even pocketed the small boxes of fruit juice and chocolate bars!), but the type of snow that we have makes it impossible for the dogs.  We'd only gone half way up the hill behind our house before Peggy was once again  […]

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A warning to other Yorkshire Terriers

This is what happens when you go sledging with your boss:By the time Stevan came home with Peggy she could hardly walk because of the huge pom poms of snow that had collected on her tummy and around her legs.  Poor dog!The covering of snow was quite a bit thicker this morning when we got up, and  […]

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Thursday, January 7 2010

The White Period

Today involved a drive to Inverness.  Normally this trip takes approximately 2 hours, but today it was closer to 3 hours.  Roads were extremely icy, the temperature remained below zero for most of the drive, stags littered the road, choosing to stick to the road to try to find something to eat  […]

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Wednesday, January 6 2010

Still below freezing!

Well, the new year is bringing in all kinds of new weather records.  It's not been above freezing for some time now, and we're still under a few inches of snow, although it isn't the snow causing the problem but the couple of inches of ice under the snow that is proving very dangerous.  Temperatures  […]

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Tuesday, December 29 2009

The next morning .....

And it is still beautifully white everywhere.  Here is the same view as yesterday's photograph, but in daylight:[caption id="attachment_2444" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Stoer by day"][/caption]We ventured out for a very brief stroll.I think I can  […]

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Monday, December 28 2009

Still a tad chilly!

We've had a week of temperatures below zero, which has meant that any snow we have had has not melted, but merely frozen, causing pretty hazardous conditions if you want to go out.   But it does make for beautiful scenes:[caption id="attachment_2440" align="aligncenter"  […]

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Wednesday, December 23 2009


This time of year always gives photographers a wonderful opportunity to photograph in the most beautiful low light.[caption id="attachment_2423" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Winter Light"][/caption]Sometimes I get so frustrated by my limitations as  […]

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Monday, December 21 2009

Duvet Day

Well, perhaps not a duvet day, but at least an "in front of the fire" day.  It's certainly a "non dyeing day" though:[caption id="attachment_2416" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="Frozen Shed"][/caption]I mean I love my dyeing, but  […]

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Sunday, February 8 2009

Sunday Snow

This morning dawned very cold and we awoke to a good dusting of snow. It makes the world look so pretty, especially when the sun is shining, making the snow glisten. Canisp looked like it was a mini volcano this morning, with the snow blowing off the top of it.We had to have a run into Lochinver,  […]

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Thursday, February 5 2009

Here be snow!

Between Stevan's lectures today we've had quite a bit of fun.  Fortunately we have a suitable sledging hill close to the house, and Peggy and Lexie are both exhausted from running after the sledge and chasing (and then killing) snowballs.  I'm not sure what it is about a snowball that offends a  […]

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