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Thursday, June 15 2017

Little Assynt

It has been a grim few weeks in the UK, and one has to be careful not to let events overwhelm.  Self care is vital, and for us that includes leaving the laptops at home and heading out for walks.   We did a long, rough walk on Sunday, and as Peggy is the respectable age of 14 we decided to give her  […]

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Tuesday, April 21 2015

Monday Walks


I know I've said this before, but being self employed means that if the weather is absolutely glorious it is a crime not to take advantage of it, sneak off for a good walk, and then catch up with work when the weather isn't too good.  And, with snow and cold weather forecast for next week, we  […]

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Wednesday, October 15 2014

I took a day off


I have been working flat out for the last 10 days, trying to catch up after being laid low with a horrid cold after Yarndale, and so when it looked like the weather today was going to be rather lovely, I took the day off.  One of the perks of self employment!After an extremely lazy morning we headed  […]

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Saturday, September 20 2014

20-something years ago


Okay, maybe that is pushing your credulity to the limit, but some years ago on this day, I had my first birthday party, surrounded by my sisters and my Mum, with my Dad behind the camera:Today's birthday was also spent outdoors, but in a slightly different environment.  We headed up to The Bone  […]

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Friday, July 11 2014

Yet another beach day, and an exciting development


The glorious weather continues in Assynt, and it was yet another beach day today.  But only after a rather important trip to Lochinver Post Office to post off a huge box of yarn to Knockando Wool Mill - some time next week a big box of colour will be arriving at the Mill.  As usual, Flash, the PO  […]

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Monday, June 9 2014

Glorious June


This is a very special time of year in Assynt.  The flora really begin to come into their own, and if you're lucky as we have been this year, you get an extra special display of wild flowers in June.  During May we were treated to a bumper crop of primroses  before the numerous bluebells and tiny  […]

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Sunday, March 30 2014

Assynt Walks


Lexie's long term paw problems have meant that we've had to explore areas of Assynt that offer easier walking, and in many ways this has been a really good thing.  We've finally got around to exploring bits we've been meaning to explore ever since we moved here permanently 6 years ago!There is a  […]

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Saturday, October 12 2013

On Holiday at Home

Lexie's Loch, Assynt

At the beginning of this week the weather was awful!  Really awful!  We had gale force winds and torrential rain interspersed with hail.  The wind was from the north at times, making it bitterly cold.  At times working in the dye shed was a little frightening - although fortunately the shed is  […]

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Saturday, July 27 2013

A bit of weather


Looking back through recent blog entries, I seem to be a little obsessed with weather at the moment.  We always joke that we have our own little micro-climate in Clachtoll, but during the last week it really has felt like that.  Just a mile away in all directions there have been storm clouds and  […]

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Saturday, July 20 2013

Summer has arrived in Assynt

Cooling off

 [caption id="attachment_6594" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Cooling off[/caption] [caption id="attachment_6595" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Lexie's Loch[/caption] [caption id="attachment_6598"  […]

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Tuesday, April 2 2013

Business, then Leisure


Before I get on to the leisurely walk we had today, I'd like to discuss the new postage rates that are in force.  Through discussions with our post mistress, Anne, in our local Post Office, and through acquiring new bags for posting, I have managed to package yarn in a way that keeps the increase to  […]

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Sunday, March 10 2013

Sunday Walks

After last Sunday's lovely walk it has been an "indoors" kind of week at Lockhart Towers.  I've been huddled over dye pots, trying to get everything I wanted done for the Edinburgh Yarn Festival next Saturday, and Stevan has been hunched over Old Scots texts dating from the 1540's, trying  […]

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Sunday, March 3 2013

Sunday Walks - Eadar da Chalda

I know it sometimes seems, judging from my photographs, that it is continuously sunny in Assynt.  Well it isn't!  Today dawned grey, and at times drizzly.  But sometimes such weather only adds atmosphere to walks, and as we set off on a walk near Ardvreck Castle in an area known as Eadar da Chalda,  […]

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Wednesday, February 20 2013

Mid-week Treats

We have had the calmest of weathers over the last few days.  It has been stunning.  Blue skies, an almost-warm sun shining, and no wind.  My drives to the Post Office have been slow, as I keep stopping to take pictures of Assynt which is showing her calm side at the moment.  This was the view from  […]

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Saturday, February 16 2013

Saturday Walks

We've all become a little unfit over winter, and we need to build up our fitness again by taking slightly longer and faster walks.  The dogs are not young pups any more, but if we build up their strength slowly they should be back in peak walking condition by summer.  We're a little concerned about  […]

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Friday, February 1 2013

Our separate ways

Stevan and I went our separate ways today .... he went to look at a piece of rock,and I went to look at a a beautiful location.Stevan's walk included discussion about why this cairn, overlooking Loch Awe, was built, as well as who may have built it, while taking time to appreciate the stunning  […]

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Wednesday, January 23 2013

Highland Light

I was pretty occupied today dispatching the first lot of orders for Heather's GOLD and dyeing up the next batch for orders which came in yesterday and today (and which will go out on Friday), so Stevan was on his own today when he took the dogs for their walk.  We've not had the quantities of snow  […]

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Tuesday, January 1 2013

The first day of a new year

We were with friends until after the bells this morning, so the first day of the new year has been a quiet one.  We never really get to sleep in late, as there is always something needing our attention first thing in the morning, especially the hens.  So after making sure they were fine and the  […]

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Sunday, October 7 2012

An Autumnal Week

We had a lovely week with our friends, Neil and Gilly.  Although walking was a little curtailed for Gilly, we took advantage of a wonderful facility in Assynt, the All Abilities Path, which was ideal for Gilly who wanted to do some walking but not on rough ground.  The All Abilities network of paths  […]

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Sunday, August 12 2012

Visiting Friends, Old and New

It has been a busy couple of days, with visitors, Assynt Games Day and the opportunity to revisit old haunts.Friday was Assynt Games Day.  I've not been able to go for a few years as I've either been working in the Tourist Office or I've been away at shows.  So it was delightful to be here this year  […]

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