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Saturday, April 18 2015

Marking the Seasons


Perhaps living where we do makes it easier to spot the changing seasons.  The landscape has tell tale signs that sometimes you miss in a city, or which can be artificially speeded up when green patches are surrounded by high buildings.  Living somewhere where there is little to shield nature from  […]

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Sunday, April 27 2014

Sunday Walks


Today has been a glorious spring day in Assynt.  We still have to be careful with Lexie's paws (although we're hopeful that her new treatment will sort the problem) so we went for a walk which we knew would be gentle underfoot - not too much rough bracken or heather.  So we headed off to Eadar a'  […]

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Sunday, March 23 2014



March can sometimes feel like it is Monochrome Month in the Highlands.  Colour hasn't returned to the hills yet, and they still look grey and brown.  Photographs taken during March sometimes reinforce that sense of monochrome-ness: Skies tend to be leaden and the sea grey:and even the splashes of  […]

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Friday, June 14 2013

Continued Radio Silence


I'm afraid it has been all about hard work over the last couple of weeks.  Woolfest is looming and I still have quite a bit of dyeing to do before I'm satisfied that I have enough choice for folk who are coming to that event.  To say nothing of trying to finish knitting samples!  I'm on Sleeve  […]

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Saturday, March 31 2012

Highland Colour

It has been a week for amazing colours this past week.  The week began with beautiful warm, sunny weather, and the evening sunsets were spectacular.  Stevan took this stunning photograph.  You can even see the Pleiades in the top left of the photograph.[caption id="attachment_5189"  […]

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Monday, March 26 2012

Slightly Swamped

Sorry for being so quiet over the last few days - I've been a little swamped.  April brings the start of the round of shows on Friday 6th in Lochinver and they continue throughout April, May and June, with barely a break.  Come July I don't think Stevan will recognise me.The last few days here have  […]

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Sunday, April 24 2011

Signs of things to come

Today's Sunday Walk was more of a Sunday Amble, as I'm still trying to get my energy levels back to normal after this horrid cold.  Thank you all for your suggestions!  If I tried them all then I wouldn't really be in a fit state to walk anywhere!!Although the countryside is still, on the whole,  […]

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Monday, April 18 2011

Home Again!

I set off from Darlington yesterday morning, with the intention of stopping off to see Anthony Gormley's sculpture, The Angel of the North, which I had intended visiting on my way down to Darlington, but I missed the turn off.  Well, you won't be surprised to hear that heading north to Edinburgh I  […]

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Saturday, March 26 2011


I am cautiously optimistic that spring has arrived.

Wednesday, March 16 2011

Sure Signs

Despite the snow which is still to be seen on the hills there are a few sure signs that spring will arrive eventually.