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Sunday, March 22 2015

The "Ripples" in Ripples Crafts


Sometimes I idly wonder if I chose the right name for my business - Ripples Crafts.  I mean, it doesn't really say "hand dyed yarn" does it?  But then someone said something to me at the Edinburgh Yarn Festival which bought back exactly why I'd chosen the name, and I searched back through  […]

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Friday, April 12 2013

Quiet, but Busy!


I'm sorry it has been so quiet on the blogging front.  It doesn't mean that nothing has been happening at Lockhart Towers - quite the opposite.  It has been an extremely productive week.  I have been busy in the dye shed producing stock in both new and old colours.  But more of that later.We have  […]

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Sunday, June 10 2012

This 'n That

I have been dyeing from dawn to dusk for the past few days in preparation for two events coming up over the next 2 weeks.  The first event is a new one for me, and for the organisers, Karelia House near Aberfeldy.  I met Shirley, who started up Karelia House, at the Perth knitting show a couple of  […]

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Thursday, May 24 2012

I'm very fortunate

As my business has grown and got busier, the time I have to sit, relaxed, and knitting, has decreased.  I by no means resent this, as I love what I do, but it does mean that getting samples together for show stands can be tricky.  And this is where I am so fortunate. [caption  […]

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Sunday, May 20 2012

More colour

You'll most probably know by now that I try to gather a lot of my inspiration for colours from the landscape around Assynt.  This month I had a happy coming together of finding a new dye colour and having the wild violets bloom at the same time.   You may remember the difficulty I had photographing  […]

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Saturday, May 19 2012

Colour Choices

One of the questions I get asked most often at shows when helping folk pick yarn for a multi-colour project is "which colours do you think go together?"  I find it awfully difficult to advise, as I know what colours I love together, but I'm reluctant to press my opinion on to others.  But  […]

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Wednesday, April 18 2012

Time away

Sorry to have been so absent from the blog for the last week or so.  I have a good excuse though ... I've been on my travels.  This time last Wednesday I was just settling down to a lovely evening with my friend Liz, and her husband Roger, chatting over the plans for the forthcoming shows in  […]

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Tuesday, March 27 2012

Royal Mail versus Knitters

Running a small business is never easy, and I am always trying my best to keep costs to an absolute minimum.  I have always been very transparent when it comes to postal charges, and these have always been charged at cost.  I have not added an additional charge for the packaging as I have built the  […]

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Thursday, March 8 2012

Postal Surprises

It has been a wonderful week for postal surprises.The first postal surprise wasn't really a surprise in that I knew it was coming, but I still had a wonderful time ripping open the parcel to have a look.  My sister in Australia had knitted me another Venomous Tentacula to contrast with the one which  […]

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Saturday, September 10 2011

More Power!

Today we had a quick trip across to the east coast for an important meet-up.  We often travel across to Tain, in the east, to do our main shop of the month.  If there was a competition for "supermarket car parks with the best view" this one would have to be up among the winners:The Lidls  […]

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Sunday, February 27 2011

Sunday Walk and Fundraiser update

Today was another lovely, sunny day in Assynt, so as soon as the morning chores were done we set off for the hills again.  We were a bit too busy striding out today to stop and take photographs, except for one.  No matter how much we have enjoyed ourselves on our walk I love coming over the ridge  […]

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Saturday, February 26 2011

Sunny Days

I apologise in advance for the picture heavy post, but the blog has been lacking somewhat in photographs this week, but for a very good cause - there are still a couple of days left for you to make a donation to the fundraising effort being made for the victims of the NZ Earthquake this week.  Jill  […]

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Sunday, February 6 2011

Sunday Walks

After a hectic week throughout with stormy weather has prevailed, we took the opportunity with a break in the weather to step out for fresh air this morning.  We're very fortunate in that we step out of our house and in to the hills.  We don't have to drive anywhere to "go for a walk", and  […]

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Friday, April 30 2010


Earlier on this week I was at a show in Aviemore.  Also at the show was Sheila Fleet with her gorgeous range of jewellery.   One of her ranges is called the Ripples Collection, so you can imagine my temptation to spend some of my hard earned cash but I resisted!After such a busy start to the week it  […]

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Monday, November 2 2009

Slightly Famous

Anyone who lives in the Highlands who may have access to this month's edition of the Executive Magazine will see my name pop up on Page 30.For those of you who don't live in the Highlands, you can see the article here.  You'll need to scroll to page 30.

Tuesday, June 30 2009

The Boy Done Good

Stevan's uni results came through for his first year ..... 6 A's and 2 B's.   Stevan, being Stevan, is disappointed with the B's!In another twist to our lives here in Assynt, Stevan has also got himself a new job which he begins tomorrow.  I won't go into great detail here, other than to say that it  […]

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Monday, June 29 2009

All change on the blog

You may have noticed the blog has moved!  We're slowly trying to get everything in one place.  The blog itself won't really change in terms of what I write about, but we thought it best to move it to the shop website so it was easier to find.So update your favourites, and you won't miss a thing.

Tuesday, March 17 2009

Gentle Reminders

Today the weather was absolutely glorious in Assynt.  Unfortunately I spent most of the morning indoors, but once released we were both able to enjoy the lovely afternoon - me in my workshop (but with the door wide, wide open, and Stevan up the hill from our house digging a trench in pure peat to  […]

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Sunday, February 22 2009

Slight delay .....

Sorry, there'll be a slight delay getting the new yarn and fibre up on the site.  This weekend has been taken up with adminy type things - not my favourite!  Here's a preview of one of the fibres that I'll be dyeing next week.  This one was going to go up on the shop, but I decided to spin it up  […]

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Saturday, November 29 2008

Winter Comes to Assynt

Yesterday morning I needed to go into Lochinver for a Christmas craft fair.  After putting his head out the door, Stevan suggested I take Mungo, the Land Rover, and I'm very pleased he did.  As soon as I got away from the sea the landscape turned really wintery, with ice and snow on the road.   […]

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