[caption id="attachment_5619" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Self Portrait[/caption]

Hello!  Lexie here.  Normally the post on this day of the week would be entitled "Sunday Walks" but my boss was a little preoccupied today and didn't have time for a Sunday Walk.  I can't understand the concept of not having time for a walk myself, but there you go - the world is full of puzzles.    Seemingly she has to be really busy at the moment so that she can have a week off next week when she goes on Retreat with a boat load of other knitters.

Anyhow my other boss took Peggy and I out for a stroll.  I realised how tricky it is to get photographs of Peggy - she kept dodging the camera:

But at least the photograph shows you how lovely the heather is at the moment.

We made a rather exciting discovery while we were near the Old Soldier's .... we spotted a barn owl.  He was a little nervous about us being so close so we didn't go any closer but you can see he was taking shelter and trying to catch up on some sleep in this rocky overhang:

I'm not sure I would have spotted it myself, but fortunately my boss has eagle eyes, and a good zoom lens on his camera as we didn't want to go too close and scare it even more.

We continued on our way, and down to towards the loch that was named after me, Lexie's Loch.  The heather takes a bit of getting through at the moment.  It is fine if you're as tall as my boss, but when you only have short legs like me you look at heather a bit differently - usually with bits of it trying to get up your nostrils:

Once at Leixie's Loch there was a slight miscalculation on my part, or perhaps call it a mishap, which my boss was mean enough to photograph.  I mean, normally I'm a twinkle toes and have no problems jumping rocks, or bogs, but today I was distracted by something important, such as a new smell, and, well, you can see what happened:

It took a bit of work to get myself extricated, and my boss was no help at all - he was too busy laughing at me!:

He then had the nerve to photograph me from an angle which I don't consider to be my best:

However a swim in the loch sorted me out, and before long I was back in pristine condition:

Again, not my best angle but at least I'm clean in this one.

And all too soon home was in sight again:

So while it wasn't the same without my one boss on the walk with us, at least we had our own version of a Sunday Walk.  I'll sign off now.  I have a bit of snoozing to do in front of the fire.