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Friday, December 31 2010

Last walk of 2010 and Happy New Year!

A lot of work has been done in Assynt to build up a network of walking paths.  Some are classified as "All Abilities" making them suitable for wheelchair users or simply for folk who are a little unsteady on their feet and don't like walking on uneven ground.  Other bits of the network are  […]

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Friday, June 18 2010

Breathing Space

I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little bit on the tired side!   There was no resting after I got the big order out for the US fashion house at the beginning of this week as I then had to go straight into dyeing for Woolfest.  I already had a fair amount of stock, but there were a few gaps, so  […]

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Monday, December 21 2009

Duvet Day

Well, perhaps not a duvet day, but at least an "in front of the fire" day.  It's certainly a "non dyeing day" though:[caption id="attachment_2416" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="Frozen Shed"][/caption]I mean I love my dyeing, but  […]

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Friday, November 6 2009

An exercise in colour

There's not been an awful lot of knitting content on this blog for a while, but I promise I have been working away behind the scenes!  I've been doing some experimenting with the new DK yarn that I have in the shop, and I have to say it is lovely.  First up I made up a simple pattern for some long  […]

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Thursday, July 30 2009

Of stoats and men*

* With apologies to John Steinbeck!We've been wondering why the birdseed and peanuts in the feeders have been disappearing at a rate of knots, and now we know who may be to blame:Isn't he beautiful?On Tuesday evening we had a real treat.  I have mentioned on this blog in the past how fortunate we  […]

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Friday, June 12 2009

The unexpected

We've been having a spell of beautiful weather, and so Stevan and the dogs have been making the most of it by ranging far and wide in the hills that are to be found near our home.   Today's walk turned into something rather special, and I'm sorry I wasn't there too, but unfortunately the good  […]

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Sunday, May 31 2009

Signs of Summer

For all the years we've had Tigh na Creag, our home in Assynt, we've never managed to time a visit with the emergence of the Shilasdair, or flag iris.   However now that we're living here, we couldn't miss it.  Earlier this week we had one flower appear in the croft in front of our house, and all of  […]

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Monday, May 4 2009

More Lambs - by special request!

Someone (who shall remain nameless) wanted more lambs.  So here you are!  This was a young lamb which had only recently been born, close to the water's edge in Stoer:This mum and her lamb were right alongside an extremely historic site in the area.   It is an ancient broch.Although it is spring, the  […]

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Friday, May 1 2009

Mixed Messages

Earlier in the week it felt like spring was definitely on it's way.  Here is some of our apple blossom, which I've convinced myself means we'll have a huge crop of apples this year!Yet tonight the wind is blowing hard, and it's quite stormy outside.  The light is just amazing, and I know this part  […]

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Tuesday, April 28 2009

Spring Fresh

I've had a couple of days off, so yesterday we took advantage of the lovely weather and headed out on a walk alongside the Inver River which empties into the sea in Lochinver.  It is very pretty, but you need nerves of steel if you're doing the walk with Peggy ..... there are some sheer drops down  […]

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Thursday, February 26 2009

Fair Exchange?

Most days the dogs get a walk up to Lexies Loch or Water Loch, and the route we take means walking past a very old, windswept willow whose roots lie in a small burn.  We always stop to keep the old tree company for a little while, as it is all on it's own.It is astonishing that this willow is still  […]

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Tuesday, February 10 2009

Winter Lessons

The cold snap in Scotland continues.  The snow is still lying on the ground and the temperature struggles to get above freezing during the day.  Despite the cold weather we've had another visitor to the bird feeder corner.  A little thrush.  She really is so pretty.And what, dear readers, should one  […]

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Thursday, February 5 2009

Here be snow!

Between Stevan's lectures today we've had quite a bit of fun.  Fortunately we have a suitable sledging hill close to the house, and Peggy and Lexie are both exhausted from running after the sledge and chasing (and then killing) snowballs.  I'm not sure what it is about a snowball that offends a  […]

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Tuesday, February 3 2009

Close Encounters

On our way to the post office in Lochinver this morning to post yet more sets of Knitpro needles to those of you who have been snapping them up, we passed this rather stately looking gentleman:We were so close we could have touched him.This blog has had a lot of new visitors over the last 48 hours.  […]

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Tuesday, November 4 2008

Rewards for hard work

Dyeing started early this morning, in an attempt to get through a lot on a day which dawned beautifully clear and dry, and so I thought it best to get as much done as possible so it could dry in the fresh breeze.  While I was working I could hear some tapping on the outside wall of my shed, and I  […]

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Saturday, October 4 2008

Spot the impostor

Nan was saying in her comment to my previous posting that she rarely sees rainbows.  Well, here's another one - captured today on our way back from doing the shopping in Ullapool.En route to Ullapool, close by to Lochinver, is Loch nan Eun.  It seems appropriate that at various times folk have  […]

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Monday, September 29 2008

Waifs and Strays

I had an e-mail from the Otter Rescue Centre on Skye today, to say that Winifred, the abandoned otter that we found, is doing very well and that so far she has not turned down a single meal, which is great news.  She's got a long way to go, but she's well on her way.I picked up another stray last  […]

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Friday, September 12 2008

Back to the workshop

Just before I get back to the grand building of the workshop, a quick update on Winifred.  She spent a comfortable night with us on Monday night, after polishing off a fillet of mackerel.  She just woke up once during the night and started to cry, which was pretty heartbreaking.  But after going  […]

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Monday, September 8 2008

Not quite as planned ...

Today didn't go quite as planned!  It dawned bright, sunny, and dry, and the plan was to produce as much dyed yarn as possible to fulfill a rather large order.  And I had planned to sit down and write a blog entry about the construction of the workshop.  And it started so well ..... by lunch time I  […]

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