This past week has just flown by in a flurry of work.  There has been much yarn dyeing in preparation for Yarndale which is now looming.  I have much work still to do for this event, but it is also the first event where we will try out the new trailer!


Stevan has worked hard on this project, and his proportions have worked out perfectly in terms of the number of boxes and paraphernalia we can stack into the back of the trailer.


Shows and events always hold potential for much stress, and hiring vans to get us to and from events was one of those.  The price of hiring was creeping up and up, and simply making it uneconomic for us to do any longer.  So while I may not be able to carry quite as much stock and items to "pretty" the stand at events, I will still be able to carry most things.  But as I always say on Ravelry, if there is something specific you'd like me to bring please feel free to get in touch via Twitter or Ravelry or email, and I'll make sure there is a corner for whatever it is you're after.


While I was in Glasgow last week, Stevan was fortunate enough to be able to capture a white tailed eagle flying overhead while he was out walking in the hills not far from the house.  While we have always known that the eagles are in Assynt, they tend to be fairly elusive and, as yet, do not appear to be breeding in Assynt, as our Ranger, Andy, points out in this article.  I'm quite envious that I have not been as close to one as Stevan managed to get last week, although to be honest he said he was more concerned that the eagle would carry Peggy off thinking she was a tasty snack!


The talons are fiercely visible in this picture:


while the white tail feathers are clearly visible here:


Stevan's only regret is that he only had his digital equivalent of a little instamatic camera with him, but he still managed to get the necessary detail.

And while talking of Assynt and the wildlife, can I remind you that membership for the final 3 months of Yarn Notes From Assynt yarn club is now available in the shop.  I can not believe we are in the final quarter of this yarn club.   Stevan and I have our thinking caps on for something slightly different next year, but I'm hoping it can still be a collaboration between the two of us.  We've enjoyed working together on this year's project, although at times we have both been found scratching our heads about what we can say and what colours I can use.  It has been a challenge to come up with something different each month, and I, for one, will be sad to see the end of this years club.