We've been watching our wren's nest very carefully while keeping a respectful distance, and we have been so happy to see the young wrens appearing at the entrance to the nest and seeing the adult wren flying back and forth, almost constantly, keeping them fed and removing the faecal sacs from the next to keep everything spick and span.


You can see three mouths in the nest in the photograph above, and that is the most we have seen at any time, so despite there being quite a few eggs earlier it seems that there may only be 3 young ones.  But they could also be taking it in terms to be fed - we're just not sure.


The adults feeding them just do not seem to rest.  No sooner has one dropped off a juicy morsel then it is off again to find more food.  Apparently both adults feed the young, but they must be exhausted!

Stevan managed to capture a short video of the adult feeding them:


and in this one you can clearly see him/her removing the faecal sact from the nest:



We're just hoping that all the young in the nest fledge safely.