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Saturday, January 11 2014

Beach Walks


We were back on Stoer beach this week.  Once again the tide was low, and the beach was showing off its colours, so I had some fun with my camera.  Stoer beach has a history of constantly changing from being completely covered in sand to being completely pebbly. As storms come and go, so the beach  […]

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Tuesday, December 31 2013



As 2013 draws to a close I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all my lovely customers for their wonderful support during the year.  It has been a busy, and at times positively hectic, year.Looking back before I look forward to 2014 I must say that there have been some real personal highlights.  […]

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Sunday, October 13 2013

Fun and Relaxation


You'd think that relaxation for me would not involve working with textiles and colour, but it does.  I've been taking a class at our local Leisure Centre in printing.  We are printing on to all types of things, but mostly onto paper and fabric.  And I am loving it!   Those who know me know very well  […]

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Saturday, November 17 2012

Almost time to pack my bags again

This evening I head back to Scotland.  I have had a wonderful time in Australia with my family and of course I'll be so sad to leave, but I'm heading home which is always welcome.  I know there will be Stevan, 2 dogs and 5 hens that will be pleased to have me home.Yesterday Sheena and I took a  […]

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Saturday, August 18 2012

Small Rewards

It has been a week of paperwork at Lockhart Towers.  I have a busy few months ahead so I decided that I really needed to get up to date with everything and also try and get in our tax returns well ahead of schedule as I always feel they are hanging over me while they remain undone.  By Friday  […]

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Thursday, July 19 2012

The Assynt Druid?

Stevan had been asked to take a photograph of the Druid's Cave on the Clachtoll Peat Road so as today was forecast to be the best day of the week weatherwise we donned our walking boots, packed sandwiches and tea, and set off.   On our way to Lexies Loch we had to pass a deer store which, despite  […]

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Monday, June 25 2012

The Giraffe with no name

One of the delights of doing shows like Woolfest is that I get to meet customers old and new, and many have become more than just customers over the years!   And sometimes I receive gifts."Sheena" (to protect identities I've possibly used a false name) recently made Tempest using two  […]

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Tuesday, June 5 2012

Nothing for ages ....

And then 2 blog posts in one day!It has been such a beautiful day here today - not that warm, as there is a distinct chill in the wind, but beautiful blue sunny skies.  It was due to be a particularly low tide today, so we headed down to Clachtoll beach.This beach is in a constant state of change,  […]

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Friday, February 17 2012

Ups and Downs

It has been an odd week, and definitely one of ups and downs.    On occasions I was struggling in the dye shed, and at times inspiration failed me.  So I decided the only thing to do when that happens is ..... have some fun!I decided to put some yarn in the pot, pour different colours over it -  […]

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Sunday, January 22 2012

Great chieftain o' the puddin-race!

Last night we were invited to friends to celebrate a Burns Supper.   I was slightly concerned before leaving, as it is traditional to do a "party piece" at such ceilidhs, and not being one who likes to be the centre of attention I always struggle to think of something to do.  So I was  […]

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Sunday, January 8 2012

Time Out

I must apologise for not posting very regularly over the last couple of weeks.    2011 was such a busy year, and I am afraid I decided to have some "me" time over Christmas and New Year, so not much was done in the workshop.  But we have been doing all the sorts of things you do when  […]

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Saturday, November 5 2011

November Mysteries

Celebrating the failure of Guy Fawkes to blow up the houses of parliament by burning his effigy has always been a bit of a mystery to me, but I have never failed to be thrilled by watching fireworks.  My earliest memory of fireworks are the ones that my aunt and uncle used to arrange for us in their  […]

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Thursday, April 21 2011

Beach Walk

In an attempt to get rid of a very nasty cold, we took a walk on Stoer Beach when there was a spring low tide. Normally on Stoer beach there isn't a huge amount of beach!  There is a very pebbly shelf which you have to carefully clamber down otherwise you can easily lose your footing and take a  […]

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Thursday, July 22 2010

Things that make you laugh

What makes you laugh?  Humour is such an oddly personal thing.  And sometimes it's hard to understand what it is that is funny and why you're laughing.  Yesterday I was driving to a meeting and somebody on the radio was reading a letter from a listener saying that her boyfriend was learning Spanish,  […]

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Friday, July 2 2010


One of the reasons we made the decision to come and live in Assynt, and why I do what I do is because it gives us a reasonable level of independence and personal choice about how we live our lives.   It gave me some control over who I needed to build working relationships with.  When you're employed  […]

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Saturday, October 10 2009


There is no denying that this part of Scotland can be a little on the windy side.  But wind has its uses.  As you probably know (if you've followed this blog for a while) our home is not on the mains electricity grid.  We source all our electrical energy from the wind via a wind generator and solar  […]

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Wednesday, August 5 2009

True Art

Sometimes people who don't know this part of the world consider it a cultural vacuum.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  It's true to say we don't have huge, expensive and self important art galleries where people who are famous for being famous have their art installations.   But .... what  […]

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Saturday, November 1 2008

Spooky Goings On

There were spooky happenings here last night .... my camera clearly decided to throw a wobbly:Alternatively, the two young wizards in the photograph with Stevan (and Peggy and Lexie, of course) had to "trick" us as we were woefully unprepared for Halloween visitors and had very little to  […]

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Saturday, October 4 2008

Spot the impostor

Nan was saying in her comment to my previous posting that she rarely sees rainbows.  Well, here's another one - captured today on our way back from doing the shopping in Ullapool.En route to Ullapool, close by to Lochinver, is Loch nan Eun.  It seems appropriate that at various times folk have  […]

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Saturday, September 6 2008

The Longest Day

Yesterday started bright and early, and with much anticipation.  We set off from home just before 7.00am, with our neighbour's trailer in tow.  It was an absolutely stunning morning, and while I did have my camera with me, we knew there was a long way to go, so we simply had to push on past all  […]

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