Lexie's long term paw problems have meant that we've had to explore areas of Assynt that offer easier walking, and in many ways this has been a really good thing.  We've finally got around to exploring bits we've been meaning to explore ever since we moved here permanently 6 years ago!

There is a fantastic network of paths which I've mentioned before called the All Abilities Path Network in Little Assynt, but close to that path network there is another circuit which, while not really suitable for wheelchairs, does have an excellent path surface and is easy walking, especially if you have sore paws, called Loch an t-Sabhail.  It is a circular route of approximately 4.5km, and takes about an hour and a half to walk.


Although there are some inclines (and some are quite steep) the walking is pretty easy.  The path takes you through young, small woodland areas and across open plains



And although you are really not far from the main road at all at any time, it feels like you're a million miles away:


And all of the time your views are overseen either by the iconic Suilven, as in the second photograph, or the magnificent Quinag, a mountain which absolutely dominates the landscape, and which once overlooked a village, now sadly cleared:


Imagine waking up to that view every morning.  As you drop down from the village to Loch an Ruighean, your eyes are once again drawn to the series of peaks which make up Quinag:


And there is plenty to look out for along the way.  We saw quite a few of these last week:


Fortunately, for a change, Peggy did not try to kiss it - and believe me, she has tried in the past.  And right at the end of our walk, I was rewarded with a glimpse of my first primrose of the year:


Just a reminder that I will be heading to England this week, firstly to Darlington where I will have a trunk show at A Fine Yarn, the lovely shop on Skinnergate, on Friday 4th and Saturday 5th April.  Then on Sunday you'll find me at the Rheged Centre near Penrith for the Knit and Stitch show being held there on Sunday 6th April from 10 until 4.  The shop will be pretty empty while I'm away, but I promise to restock it as soon as I'm back - assuming I bring anything back with me of course!