That Special Gift

Do you know someone who is a passionate knitter/weaver/craftsperson, but as you know very little about yarn you're not sure what to buy them as a gift, even though you know they would love some hand dyed yarn?  Well, here is the answer!  Contact me, tell me what their favourite colours are, if you know them, and I will put a package of yarns together for them and send it to you to give as a gift.  There are various price options.  If you prefer I can send it directly to the recipient, but think how lovely it would be for you to see the look on their faces when they open this special gift from you (with just a teeny bit of help from me).

Or perhaps you want to treat yourself to a little surprise.  Tell me your favourite colours and how much you want to spend, and I'll send you a surprise package in the post.

Please note - the photograph is only a given to show a sample of yarns and does not indicate what may or may not be sent in the parcel.

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