Cùl Mòr - Merino/Nylon 4ply

Cùl Mòr base is 75% merino wool and 25% nylon, making it ideal for socks, but also soft enough to use for shawls and scarfs.  Each 100g contains approximately 425m of yarn.  The yarn arrives with me as a sock blank, which is a knitted piece of fabric, which I then dye, then re-wind into cakes of yarn ready for knitting from immediately.  Because the yarn is caked directly from the sock blank, it will look "crinkly".

Using sock blanks allows me to do longer colour blocks on the yarn, which means you get longer colour runs in your garment.  There may be different colours in a cake, or perhaps a graduated shade of the same colour, or even multiple colours but with longer colour repeats than I can achieve in the "normal" dyeing process which I use.   Please be aware that there is no science behind the length of colour repeats and it is not an exact science!  I tend to dye randomly, so I cannot guarantee how it will knit up.

And the reason for calling this base Cùl Mòr?  Well, Cùl Mòr (pronounced "Cool More") is a prominent hill in Assynt where I live and work, and there is a long, slow gradient which takes you up to the top of of the mountain, if you're brave enough to try it.  So I thought it appropriate.


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