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Way back in 2012 I did a fundraiser for our local RNLI station.  We raised £200, and I was thrilled with that.  Here is my blog post about handing over the cheque.

In recent days the RNLI has been facing criticism from certain sectors of the UK population for spending part of their donations income outwith the UK.  The percentage of donations spent in countries like Bangladesh and Tanzania amounts to 2% (Two Percent) of the total income made by donations.  When you find out that every single day approximately 40 (forty) children die from drowning in Bangladesh alone, you can't help but admire the RNLI for trying to improve swimming skills in countries where drowning is a real risk.

You can read about the international work that the RNLI do here

As a result of the recent publicity I decided I should run another fundraiser for the RNLI.  The colourway is called "Learning to Swim" and the colours used have been inspired by both the colours used by RNLI in their protective clothing, their flag, and their boats, but also by the vivid colours you find in Africa and Bangladesh where the RNLI are working to improve swimming skills.  Please be aware that all funds raised will be made directly to their International Work fund and not to the RNLI in the UK.  I want to be absolutely clear about this. 

There will be 2 colourways on offer.  "Learning to Swim V1" is a wildly mixed hank of colour, and each and every hank will be different because of the dyeing technique used.  The colours strike the yarn randomly in this technique making every hank unique.  "Learning to Swim V2" is a slightly more ordered mix of colours, where the colour on the hank will be in blocks of colour.  However again hanks dyed in different batches will have variations in the size of blocks of colours.

At the moment these 2 colourways will only be available on Reliable Sock Yarn, but if you would like it on a different base please don't hesitate to get in touch.

I have added £1 (one pound) to the cost of each hank of Reliable Sock Yarn and £6 from the sale of every hank will go to the donation fund.

Should you wish to donate to the RNLI International Work fund but not buy any yarn, then you can donate here

This colour will be dyed to order - please expect to wait about a week betwen ordering and dispatch.  Once I dispatch your yarn I will email you to let you know.

The fundraiser will run until the 15th October 2019, after wihch the Learning to Swim colours will be removed from the website and will no longer be available and the donation will be made to the RNLI.


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