Burras 100% Merino

Burras is the Gaelic for caterpillar - and what do caterpillars turn into? Beautiful, multi-coloured butterflies.

Burras comes in 100g hanks and contains approx 366m of single ply 100% merino yarn.

The nature of this yarn, combined with my dyeing techniques, means the finished yarn is not a solid colour, but rather a variegated mix of hues of one colour. Please note that even though every care is taken to ensure all the dye is exhausted during the dyeing process, if you're planning to use this yarn in stranded colourwork you should do a test square first, especially when mixing very saturated shades with very pale shades, to ensure there is no colour leaching.

The merino for this yarn is sourced from non-mulesed flocks of merino sheep.

Was that a Kingfisher? B

Was that a Kingfisher? B

Please Note:  The technique used to dye this colourway means each and every hank will be different, even when dyed in the same batch A mix of...


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