Assynt Jewels

This range of yarns is dyed using a technique which involves much more time and effort, and much, much more dye, so there is a difference in price between the yarns in this category and yarns elsewhere on the site.

Please also note that each and every one of these hanks is unique.  They are pretty well unrepeatable.  Even hanks dyed in the same batch will vary because of the technique used.  If you are needing a large number of hanks for a particular project then unless you're happy with a rather random outcome I would suggest that this range is not suitable.   Because the colourways will be many and varied, I have decided against giving each hank a name, so instead it will simply receive a number to identify it. 

Please be aware that the method of dyeing used means there will be some loss of dye during washing, particularly if washed in hot water.  Please always handwash separately in lukewarm water.

Enjoy a rather special jewel from the heart of Assynt.


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