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Sunday, March 22 2015

The "Ripples" in Ripples Crafts


Sometimes I idly wonder if I chose the right name for my business - Ripples Crafts.  I mean, it doesn't really say "hand dyed yarn" does it?  But then someone said something to me at the Edinburgh Yarn Festival which bought back exactly why I'd chosen the name, and I searched back through  […]

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Friday, March 16 2012

More Merry Dancers and another Gift

I'm afraid not a lot has been done in the dye shed this week, partly because I've spent a lot of time assessing what I have in stock and what I still need to dye for the shows that are beginning to loom large, and partly because I've been under the weather and have not felt up to spending hours in  […]

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Saturday, February 25 2012

Artful Craft

I don't intend opening the debate on what is art as opposed to craft, but I do know artful craft when I see it. Regular readers will know that a couple of weeks back I had a visit from Dorothy, a weaver, who had driven all the way up from southern Scotland to come and visit the Dye Shed (and to see  […]

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