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Sunday, October 8 2017

How it has changed - Clachtoll Broch

Back in the summer, in July, work began on Clachtoll Broch.  The plan was to stabilise the broch as much as possible and clear the rubble that had been created during what was considered to be a catastrophic event not long after the broch was built and which had resulted in the inward collapse of  […]

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Saturday, November 2 2013

In the Wilderness

A wilderness?

[caption id="attachment_6982" align="aligncenter" width="640"] A wilderness?[/caption]There was a big announcement in the press this week.  The Assynt/Coigach area of Sutherland and Wester Ross is to benefit from a £3M grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund.  On the face  […]

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Sunday, August 12 2012

Visiting Friends, Old and New

It has been a busy couple of days, with visitors, Assynt Games Day and the opportunity to revisit old haunts.Friday was Assynt Games Day.  I've not been able to go for a few years as I've either been working in the Tourist Office or I've been away at shows.  So it was delightful to be here this year  […]

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Sunday, November 13 2011

Assynt Weekends

In the days when we were both in "normal" jobs, and we were tied to offices from 9 to 5 (or more often from 8 to 6 in the case of Stevan) most days of the week, weekends were important breaks from the pressures and routine of working.  Now, weekends do not represent the freedom from work  […]

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Monday, August 15 2011

Something old, something new

A couple of weeks ago we had a minor disaster.  My beloved and trusty Panasonic Lumix bridge camera took a dip in the sea.  And believe it or not, sea water and cameras don't mix.  I was pretty heartbroken, as that camera had been a trusty companion for some years and had been all over the place  […]

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Monday, November 23 2009

Stones (and a bit of Heather and Rock)

Following on from the lectures on Saturday we decided to revisit a really interesting monument in Assynt.  Glen Leireag, close to Nedd, is an area where many families were cleared from during the Highland Clearances. But nearby Glen Leireag is a rare structure called a souterrain.  Nobody is  […]

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Saturday, November 21 2009

Getting Involved

[caption id="attachment_2337" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="Clachtoll Broch"][/caption]There is a great project being launched in Assynt at the moment.  It is called the Assynt Hidden Lives project, and you can read more about it here.  Assynt is an  […]

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