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Monday, December 23 2019

Thinking back

The light on our walk this morning was wonderful, and the rising sun highlighted Stoer Lodge, which overlooks Stoer Bay.  Although we were dressed warmly with jackets, gloves and hats this morning, it brought back memories of a very different looking Stoer Lodge.  A very much colder Stoer Lodge.   […]

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Sunday, March 22 2015

The "Ripples" in Ripples Crafts


Sometimes I idly wonder if I chose the right name for my business - Ripples Crafts.  I mean, it doesn't really say "hand dyed yarn" does it?  But then someone said something to me at the Edinburgh Yarn Festival which bought back exactly why I'd chosen the name, and I searched back through  […]

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Tuesday, December 11 2012

Winter moves in

Winter is really moving in and setting up home now.   We've had a few days on the run where the temperature has barely been above freezing, and the ground is starting to feel like it won't soften until spring time.   Walking in the hills presents you with risks of a different nature to the rest of  […]

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Thursday, October 13 2011

Hard work!

I thought dyeing yarn was hard work, but I know better now.  It is harder being photographed!I was under the impression that it would be mostly wool that was being photographed, so I hadn't dressed for the occasion, and given I was busy dyeing wool when the photographer, Angie Catlin, arrived I'm  […]

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Sunday, April 24 2011

Signs of things to come

Today's Sunday Walk was more of a Sunday Amble, as I'm still trying to get my energy levels back to normal after this horrid cold.  Thank you all for your suggestions!  If I tried them all then I wouldn't really be in a fit state to walk anywhere!!Although the countryside is still, on the whole,  […]

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Saturday, February 26 2011

Sunny Days

I apologise in advance for the picture heavy post, but the blog has been lacking somewhat in photographs this week, but for a very good cause - there are still a couple of days left for you to make a donation to the fundraising effort being made for the victims of the NZ Earthquake this week.  Jill  […]

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Tuesday, February 22 2011

It's a tough job!

But somebody has to do it.Today started with an early wake up call at 5.30am, a quick cup of coffee and check of e-mails before heading off to Inverness in Mungo.  I drove down on my own today, leaving Stevan behind in peace and quiet for the day. It really wouldn't have been his type of fun today,  […]

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Thursday, February 3 2011

A Friend indeed!

These beautiful flowers arrived yesterday from a friend who I know would be horrified if I mentioned her by name.  But you know who you are ...... THANK YOU!  They have brightened up the day completely!We're battening down the hatches tonight.  We are in the midst of a severe gale and there are all  […]

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Friday, December 31 2010

Last walk of 2010 and Happy New Year!

A lot of work has been done in Assynt to build up a network of walking paths.  Some are classified as "All Abilities" making them suitable for wheelchair users or simply for folk who are a little unsteady on their feet and don't like walking on uneven ground.  Other bits of the network are  […]

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Wednesday, December 29 2010

The Ripple Effect

[caption id="attachment_3669" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="The Ripple Effect"][/caption]The end of 2010 is fast approaching, and like many I'm beginning to think about the new year ahead.The name "Ripples Crafts" came about for a variety  […]

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