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Tuesday, September 16 2014

Tanera Mor Retreat 2014


I really cannot believe the Tanera Mor retreat has come and gone.  It just seemed to whiz by.  Last Sunday morning found Mungo and I heading towards a new (for us) pier to meet The Patricia which was to ferry our small group across to Tanera Mor.[caption id="attachment_7788"  […]

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Thursday, January 23 2014


As many of you know, I have been organising what have been known as Knitting Retreats, but which encompass all things yarny and fibrey and woolly for the last couple of years.   This year is no exception.   These retreats are not knitting courses, they are retreats in the true sense of the word.   […]

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Saturday, October 12 2013

On Holiday at Home

Lexie's Loch, Assynt

At the beginning of this week the weather was awful!  Really awful!  We had gale force winds and torrential rain interspersed with hail.  The wind was from the north at times, making it bitterly cold.  At times working in the dye shed was a little frightening - although fortunately the shed is  […]

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Saturday, September 14 2013

Tanera Mor Retreat 2013

tanera map

[caption id="attachment_6784" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Picture courtesy Summer Isles Enterprises[/caption]Last Saturday found me on my way to the tiny Badentarbet Pier near Achiltibuie to load up the good ship Patricia with myself and lots of yarn.  The Tanera  […]

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Thursday, September 5 2013

Off on retreat

The Patricia arrives with retreaters

How fast the year has flown by!  This time last year I was about to set off to the small island of Tanera Mor for the first Ripples Crafts / Summer Isles fibre retreat.  And on Saturday I will be heading off on the Patricia on the short crossing to the island again, to be joined but 10 other  […]

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Thursday, August 15 2013

Last Minute Vacancy - Tanera Mor Yarn Retreat


Because of circumstances beyond her control one of the people booked in to attend the retreat on Tanera Mor at the beginning of September has had to cancel.   This means that if you were hoping to attend, but it was booked out before you could book a place (and that did happen rather quickly!) then  […]

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Saturday, November 24 2012

We had so much fun this year

We're doing it all again!  The Tanera Mor Knitting Retreat will be back in 2013.From 7th to 13th September 2013 there will be a knitting retreat on the island of Tanera Mor off the west coast of Scotland.   You can find all the details and costs here.Spaces are VERY limited, and to qualify for a  […]

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Tuesday, September 25 2012

Reflections of Tanera Mor

I've been home from Tanera Mor a few days now, and have been able to reflect a little on what was an amazing two weeks on the island.The weather certainly worked very hard during the first week to disrupt everyone's plans.  First there was a chance we would not get onto the island, and then there  […]

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Sunday, September 16 2012

Another little taste of some of last week's views

It is very hard to explain in words how peaceful and serene Tanera Mor can be despite the wild weather.  So instead I'll show you:[caption id="attachment_5659" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Panoramic view looking west from the 2nd highest point on the  […]

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Friday, September 14 2012

...And here is the shipping forecast...

Stevan here again. The latest from Tanera Mor is that they will be looking for a weather window to make the crossing today.  The knitters, from all over the world, will have a first hand understanding of the weather conditions that made knitting was so important to these islands and other northern  […]

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Thursday, September 13 2012

The joys of the equinox

It's Stevan here, as Helen has no Internet access on Tanera Mor.  This is largely because the idiot who looks after her computer for her didn't bother to test her mobile internet access before she left.  I don't know why she doesn't fire him...Latest news for the Island knitting retreaters is that  […]

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Friday, January 27 2012

Tanera Mor - Setting the Scene for a Retreat

Today dawned beautifully calm and sunny, which was perfect weather for our planned visit to the island of Tanera Mor.  Tanera Mor is the island that will host the 2 retreats planned for later this year in September, a joint venture between Tanera Mor and Ripples Crafts.We had arranged to meet Lizzie  […]

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