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Thursday, September 28 2017

Scourie - When a Plan Comes Together

[caption id="attachment_9015" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Photograph courtesy of Woollywormhead[/caption]When I knew that Woolly Wormhead had been asked to teach a few classes at Loch Ness Knit Fest in October I was so pleased.  I have long been a huge fan of  […]

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Wednesday, September 21 2016

Another Beautiful Woolly Wormhead Collection

© 2016 Woolly Wormhead

[caption id="attachment_8764" align="aligncenter" width="800"] © 2016 Woolly Wormhead[/caption]I have always been a huge admirer of Woolly Wormhead's work.  She is a true architect when it comes to hat design.  I was thrilled when she told me she'd included one of my  […]

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Friday, March 7 2014

Name That Hat!

Nameless Hat Five

[caption id="attachment_7384" align="aligncenter" width="827"] Photograph courtesy and copyright of Woolly Wormhead[/caption]Not very long along ago I was talking to Woolly Wormhead on Twitter, and we got chatting about yarn.  And (to cut a long story short) I sent her  […]

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