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Sunday, February 23 2014

February - a Finishing Month?


I seem to have finished quite a few WIP's (Works in Progress for the non-knitters reading this) this month.  First of all I (almost) finished Floriston.  The knitting part is complete, but those of you who know me will know what I'm like when it comes to picking up a sewing needle.  She has just a  […]

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Monday, July 1 2013

Woolfest 2013 (subtitled "Wow!")

Dorothy and Lizzi making sure they're in the right place

"Wow!" about sums up Woolfest 2013.  What a show.  We were so busy on the stand that despite having both Dorothy and Lizzi helping me none of us really had a chance to go and have a look around the rest of the show.We set off for Cumbria on Wednesday, and were able to relax on Thursday  […]

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Friday, September 7 2012

On retreat

The blog may be a wee bit quiet over the next little while.  Many of you will remember that at the end of 2011 I decided to arrange a knitting retreat on the island of Tanera Mor.  Well when I was arranging it all September 2012 seemed so far away.  But finally the time as arrived - and I'm due to  […]

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Wednesday, September 5 2012

Yarn Pals

Now that I have wrestled control of the blog back from Lexie I can tell you about a new item soon to appear in the shop.  It is a Yarn Pal.Recently I asked members of the Ripples Crafts group on Ravelry if there was anything in particular that they were having difficulty sourcing.  One person said  […]

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