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Tuesday, December 2 2014

Big Sis


I can't quite believe that my oldest sister had quite a "significant birthday" this week.She only had a couple of years on her own with Mum and Dad before her world was invaded by a new sister.She took her "big sis" duties very seriously, clearly!  And before long she had 2  […]

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Saturday, September 20 2014

20-something years ago


Okay, maybe that is pushing your credulity to the limit, but some years ago on this day, I had my first birthday party, surrounded by my sisters and my Mum, with my Dad behind the camera:Today's birthday was also spent outdoors, but in a slightly different environment.  We headed up to The Bone  […]

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Saturday, March 22 2014

Scribblings ....

photo 3

It was my brother in law's birthday today - Russell is, ummmmm, older than me!  And my sister sent through some photo's taken of him on the day.  I think this one was the most flattering:HAPPY BIRTHDAY RUSSELL!I've been working on Ravi Junior (designed by Carol Feller) for another great niece  […]

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Friday, September 20 2013

An event, just a smidgeon over 21 years ago

Helen's Dedication, Usher 1961_v1

[caption id="attachment_6800" align="aligncenter" width="419"] My family at my christening[/caption] 

Friday, July 29 2011

Early Presents

For those of you who have read this blog for a few years, you will know that Stevan and I have a history of early presents.  We simply can't keep secrets, and so if a gift is purchased and is in the house then it is impossible for us to hide it, or not tell each other what the present is.  And this  […]

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