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Monday, December 23 2019

Thinking back

The light on our walk this morning was wonderful, and the rising sun highlighted Stoer Lodge, which overlooks Stoer Bay.  Although we were dressed warmly with jackets, gloves and hats this morning, it brought back memories of a very different looking Stoer Lodge.  A very much colder Stoer Lodge.   […]

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Saturday, November 15 2014

Autumn Light


At this time of year, on sunny days, the light can be fabulous.  Taking time to appreciate the light really can help on driegh days when everything seems grey and miserable.Lexie has been pretty poorly this week, so Peggy and I were on our own today when we took to the hills for a short walk.  The  […]

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Tuesday, December 25 2012

Christmas 2012

Unlike last Christmas, the weather today has not been too bad.  A bit drizzly and grey, but at least we were able to get out for our usual Christmas routine of a walk in the hills.Happy Christmas to all my family and friends.  However you spend today, I hope you have a peaceful time.

Saturday, December 8 2012

Christmas anyone?

I would have to admit to being probably the most un-Christmassy person there is.  I get worse as I get older.  The forced jollity I had to endure at countless office Christmas parties has made me into quite a Scrooge-like bah-humbug.  But if anything is going to put me in the Christmas mood it is  […]

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Sunday, December 25 2011

Christmas 2011

We tend to spend our Christmas in a quiet way.  And in the last few years an essential part of our Christmas day has been having a walk in the hills.  However this Christmas the weather has beaten us.  With warnings of gusts up to 80 mph we thought that walking up high in the hills was probably not  […]

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Friday, November 25 2011

Christmas already?

The weather has turned wild in Assynt - but early this morning I was up and off to Lochinver to get the rather cold looking (and feeling!) village hall ready for the Christmas Made in Assynt Fair:Slowly folk started to arrive to set up their stalls:and before too long the tables were laden with all  […]

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Sunday, September 25 2011

The word that should not be heard until at least November

You know the word I mean .... it begins with C and if you're anything like me you get extremely irritated when, in September, shops start bringing out the decorations, the cards, and all the food/chocolates/cakes/sweeties/rubbish we don't need and if we thought about for 2 minutes would realise we  […]

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Friday, September 9 2011

...Made in Assynt

Today was the last of the summer ...Made in Assynt markets, and I was quite sad when, at 4.00pm, we all began to pack up our wares for the last time this summer.  We still have the Christmas market to look forward to, and it will be a HUGE market this year (the biggest ever held in Assynt), and we  […]

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Sunday, December 26 2010

Christmas Day Walk

Overnight on Christmas Eve the thaw began to set in.  We woke up to green grass springing up through patches of snow, so the hens were a lot happier when we let them out of their hutch on Christmas morning.We set off for a walk, but it is still fairly treacherous with sheet ice on top of solid  […]

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Friday, December 24 2010

Happy Christmas!

[caption id="attachment_3657" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="24th December 2010 - Stoer Bay"][/caption]Wishing all my readers a very happy Christmas.Stevan and I will be spending Christmas Day walking, eating, and enjoying time in front of the fire.  […]

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Saturday, December 11 2010

Christmas Spirit

What a lovely couple of days!  All the stallholders at the Assynt Christmas Food and Craft Fayre put on a stunning show, helped along by the wonderful smells emanating from Stella's mince pies and mulled wine / mulled fruit juice coming from the kitchen.  Here is a small taster of the wonderful  […]

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Wednesday, December 8 2010

Fingers Crossed

At the moment it looks like this outside:However tomorrow I'm hoping that all the snow and ice will disappear and everyone will be able to move about freely, as Friday sees the start of the Assynt Christmas Food and Craft Fayre.  We have a wonderful array of stands this year, including the well  […]

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Friday, November 26 2010

Shhhh, it's a secret

I know it has been pretty quiet around here recently - sorry about that.  But it doesn't mean I haven't been doing anything - life has been a little hectic.   But I have been doing a bit of knitting too, and for the first time in ages I have bought somebody else's yarn.[caption  […]

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Monday, November 1 2010

Even more knitting

[caption id="attachment_3493" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="Haruni - Unblocked"][/caption]Way back at the beginning of September when I went to Shetland for the In the Loop 2 conference, I began a shawl at Inverness airport, and my choice of shawl  […]

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Thursday, August 26 2010

Bits 'n Bobs

There's so much going on at the moment that this blog is a bit of a mix of everything.   So bear with me ....Yesterday we had a beautiful, sunny day.  Now weather doesn't really bother me as it does some, but even I would have to admit that we've not had the sunniest or hottest or driest of summers  […]

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Thursday, December 24 2009

Christmas Eve 2009

Christmas was always a magical time when I was growing up.  As a child we rarely had Christmas in the northern hemisphere, so it was always a warm Christmas, but the excitement I felt is still tangible.   My parents excelled at making Christmas something special.  The true meaning of Christmas was  […]

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