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Monday, July 5 2010

A Day Off (sort of)

I had to make a couple of deliveries over on the east coast today, so we decided to make a bit of a "day off" of it, and after doing the necessary business we headed off on a lovely, long drive.   Once my calls were done, we headed north from Lairg towards Altnaharra.  This road takes you  […]

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Tuesday, May 25 2010

Sightseeing (aka mini-holiday part 3)

It is some time since we last went camping, and because of where we live we're used to having pretty quiet nights.  So being surrounded by other campers takes some getting used to.  But on Saturday night we were both woken up by strange growling outside the tent.  We both pondered over what it might  […]

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Monday, May 24 2010

Sunshine (aka mini-holiday part 2)

While exploring the grounds of the David Marshall Lodge Visitor Centre I managed to get a few photographs of the beautiful bluebells which are in full bloom at the moment.I also came across this statue built in recognition of the LumberJills during WWII:Further wanderings through the huge grounds  […]

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Sunday, May 23 2010

A Mini Holiday

Lexie hates leaving home.  She refuses to come with me in the car for the short ride into Lochinver to do shopping or post parcels, whereas Peggy will jump into the car at any opportunity.   Sometimes she simply sits in my car all day, as it is warm, out of the wind and rain, and it means she can  […]

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