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Thursday, September 28 2017

Scourie - When a Plan Comes Together

[caption id="attachment_9015" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Photograph courtesy of Woollywormhead[/caption]When I knew that Woolly Wormhead had been asked to teach a few classes at Loch Ness Knit Fest in October I was so pleased.  I have long been a huge fan of  […]

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Thursday, February 9 2017

The Scenic Route


Yesterday was Optician day - a day I always dread, not only because of the likely expense of new glasses, but because of the actual test itself.  We have a lovely optician, Margaret in Ullapool.  She is so thorough, and fortunately has a good sense of humour as for some reason I always get the  […]

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Wednesday, November 30 2016

Heartfelt Thanks


At this time of year we are bombarded with "shopping opportunities" that are given silly names - usually to do with colours.  Besides Black Friday (which has crept over the Atlantic to the UK and which now seems to extend not just to the Friday after the US celebration of Thanksgiving, but  […]

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Monday, November 21 2016

Clearing the Mind


I doubt anyone could deny that 2016 has thrown some real stinkers at the world.  It has been quite a year.  Sometimes we just need to step back, take a deep breath, and decide what we want to focus on.  Do we want to constantly seek out the negative or do we want to try and find something, albeit  […]

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Sunday, January 24 2016

Introducing .... Burras


Burras is the new yarn to join the Ripples Crafts family.  But first, let me explain the name. Burras (pronounced boo-ras) is Gaelic for caterpillar.   And what do caterpillars turn into?  Beautiful, multi-coloured butterflies!  (yes, and moths, but we won't talk about those - just keep thinking  […]

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Tuesday, April 21 2015

Monday Walks


I know I've said this before, but being self employed means that if the weather is absolutely glorious it is a crime not to take advantage of it, sneak off for a good walk, and then catch up with work when the weather isn't too good.  And, with snow and cold weather forecast for next week, we  […]

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Wednesday, October 15 2014

I took a day off


I have been working flat out for the last 10 days, trying to catch up after being laid low with a horrid cold after Yarndale, and so when it looked like the weather today was going to be rather lovely, I took the day off.  One of the perks of self employment!After an extremely lazy morning we headed  […]

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Sunday, August 24 2014

Sunday Walks


Peggy and I were on our own today for our Sunday Walk.  We headed up to one of my favourite lochs (currently nameless on most maps that we've found), and then headed along the top of the hills to Lexie's Loch.  After what feels like days (and nights) of rain, the ground was pretty soggy underfoot,  […]

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Wednesday, April 23 2014

An exciting collaboration


Those of you who follow me on Twitter will know that I've been dropping hints about a trip away that I've had this week.  Well, I can now reveal where I've been and why.  A drive of 3 1/2 hours found us deep in the Spey Valley here:Knockando Mill - dating back to 1784 when it was known as the Wauk  […]

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Tuesday, April 1 2014

All set!


The Wool-mobile has been collected from Inverness:and is packed with barely room for my suitcase:Tomorrow will find me heading south down the A9 to pick up my friend Lizzi, before heading further south to Darlington to prepare for the Trunk Show at A Fine Yarn on Skinnergate in Darlington on Friday  […]

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Saturday, February 15 2014

Post Office Run - Colour


I've been thinking about the colours for the Post Office Run club yarn due to go out at the end of this month.  Here are a few of the photographs which have been giving me some inspiration for colours.Signs that spring isn't far away - new growth:The gorse is beginning to  bloom:I'm lucky to pass by  […]

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Sunday, January 19 2014

The Sari Adventure


Earlier in the month I told you about some of the issues which arose while dyeing yarn for a beautiful pattern I'd seen called Sari, designed by Kieran Foley.  Well the knitting has begun!   In this pattern you're combining fair isle techniques along with lace knitting techniques, and I struck a  […]

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Monday, January 13 2014

So where does the inspiration come from?


The first packages for the Post Office Run Yarn Club will be posted in early February.  Here are just a few of the pictures which may (or may not) form part of the inspiration for colours next month.  Initially I thought everything was looking a little dull and boring and I thought I'd struggle for  […]

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Friday, January 3 2014

Dyers Problems


[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="1025"] Pattern - SariDesigner - Kieran FoleyPhotograph - Courtesy Kieran Foley[/caption] Ever since I saw this pattern on Ravelry, (non Ravelry link)  I have been wanting to dye the yarn for it.   I wanted the challenge of dyeing  […]

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Friday, December 27 2013



I'm not really one for KAL's (for the non-knitters among you KAL means "Knit-Along"), as I don't like knitting deadlines.  I'm even worse at doing Mystery KAL's, which is where you have no idea what the finished item will look like.  Instead the designer sends you a clue every few days  […]

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Sunday, October 13 2013

Fun and Relaxation


You'd think that relaxation for me would not involve working with textiles and colour, but it does.  I've been taking a class at our local Leisure Centre in printing.  We are printing on to all types of things, but mostly onto paper and fabric.  And I am loving it!   Those who know me know very well  […]

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Saturday, October 12 2013

On Holiday at Home

Lexie's Loch, Assynt

At the beginning of this week the weather was awful!  Really awful!  We had gale force winds and torrential rain interspersed with hail.  The wind was from the north at times, making it bitterly cold.  At times working in the dye shed was a little frightening - although fortunately the shed is  […]

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Sunday, June 23 2013

The build up has begun


It is very hard to believe that this time next week Woolfest 2013 will all be over!  The build up to it this year seems to have been fairly relaxed for me, but looking back I've really been working towards it since early in January.  I did a lot of dyeing over the winter months, and while I'm sure  […]

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Friday, June 7 2013

It is unlike me to be so quiet, I know!


It has been a bit busy here - lots going on but very little to really show you!  Last weekend saw me at Gardening Scotland at Ingleston near Edinburgh.  I was lucky enough to have the help of Dorothy on my stand on Saturday.  The event lasts 3 days, and the days are very long, so I was a little worn  […]

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Wednesday, April 17 2013

Light and Colour

Rain clouds threatening

I've been busy in the dye shed this week, and I've been coming up with a few new shades.  But more of that in a moment.Today we went for a short walk, as the rain clouds were threatening:[caption id="attachment_6352" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Rain clouds  […]

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