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Sunday, November 16 2014

Knitting time


My current project is a cardigan called Chance of Showers, by the designer Heidi Kirrmaier.   Some of you may see the similarities between this design and an earlier design of hers called Vitamin D.I am working in one of my favourite yarns - sport weight.  "Sport Weight" is not a term for  […]

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Sunday, May 4 2014

Lexie from Woolly Wormhead


On Friday Woolly Wormhead released the pattern Lexie.  I was going to update the blog with the news then, but there was such a flurry of activity on the website that I was kept a little too busy!  Thank you to all who have both purchased the pattern and the yarn with which to make the hat.I sent out  […]

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Monday, April 14 2014

And the winner is ............

Nameless Hat Five

 I'm sorry it has been so long since Woolly Wormhead and I asked you to come up with a name for her hat which she has designed in Ripples Crafts Warm Hearted Aran yarn.  It has been a busy few weeks, and there were a couple of small delays on the finalising of the pattern, so we decided to hold off  […]

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Friday, March 7 2014

Name That Hat!

Nameless Hat Five

[caption id="attachment_7384" align="aligncenter" width="827"] Photograph courtesy and copyright of Woolly Wormhead[/caption]Not very long along ago I was talking to Woolly Wormhead on Twitter, and we got chatting about yarn.  And (to cut a long story short) I sent her  […]

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Sunday, March 31 2013

Productive Weekend

While parts of the UK have been wet, miserable, and sometimes snowy, as usual we've been having glorious weather.   We had planned to get some good walks in this weekend but unfortunately Lexie is poorly again, and so excietment in the form of walks has been kept to a minimum.However, the lack of  […]

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Saturday, January 19 2013


We have escaped the snow that is blanketing the rest of the UK at the moment, but we haven't escaped the cold.  There are bitter bitter winds blowing, and the ground is very crunchy underfoot.  We have had an easy winter up to now with very few days being below freezing, and January and February  […]

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Sunday, October 24 2010

Winter Preparations

Since getting back from Australia there has been an icy north wind blowing, and snow has begun to appear on the tops of hills around Assynt, making it clear that winter is approaching.  But the beautiful, crisp mornings that we have been having allows for great photographs, and yesterday I managed  […]

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Saturday, August 7 2010

A Man in Assynt

In November 2010 there will be a special event in Assynt celebrating the life and work of Norman MacCaig. MacCaig was a teacher and a poet who loved this part of the world, and wrote numerous poems about Assynt.Now I know many people who read this blog have connections to Assynt, and so I'm putting  […]

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Friday, November 6 2009

An exercise in colour

There's not been an awful lot of knitting content on this blog for a while, but I promise I have been working away behind the scenes!  I've been doing some experimenting with the new DK yarn that I have in the shop, and I have to say it is lovely.  First up I made up a simple pattern for some long  […]

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