At this time of year it is very tempting to look back, and mull over the year which has passed.  And that is no bad thing, and is sometimes worthwhile when considering how your life has progressed in the past 12 months, but all too often it can turn in to a pity fest about how awful the year has been, and what you didn't accomplish, and what you didn't do, so I prefer, instead, to look forward at this time of the year. 

In a few hours we will be in the year 2020.  And I am ready for the turning of the decade. 

[caption id="attachment_9263" align="aligncenter" width="718"] Sunset, 31st December 2019[/caption]

There can be little doubt that for those of us in Scotland, and the rest of the UK, the next 12 months have the potential to be challenging.  However ..... as an individual I can do very little (or perhaps even nothing) to alter the course that Westminster has set us on.  Instead, how I live my life here in this corner of Assynt is something I do have control over.  How I choose to run my business is something I have significant control over - yes there are things I can't control but there is much I can influence.  How I interact with others is completely under my control, and is always something to work on and improve.  Remaining outward looking and thinking is essential to me and I absolutely refuse to be cowed by those in power who wish to control us through fear. 

I'm not one to set New Years resolutions, but my own hopes for 2020 include some new areas of focus, perhaps a few adventures, developing my weaving skills, and, of course, a lot more yarn dyeing!   A Happy New Year to one and all.  And a heart felt thank you to all my customers who have supported me over the past 12 months.  As I said on Instagram earlier today, each and every sale puts food on our table, wood on our fires, and clothes on our back, so - thank you!