Some of you may have noticed that there has been some work done on the shop website.  Stevan has been working hard behind the scenes (thank you Stevan!), giving the shop a cleaner look, which should work more smoothly across various platforms and devices.  Some of you have already purchased from the new-look website since it went live about 10 days ago and so far it has all run pretty smoothly.

[caption id="attachment_8689" align="aligncenter" width="718"]Laceweight anyone? Laceweight anyone?[/caption]

To formally celebrate the updating of the shop site, and just because tomorrow is Wednesday, I'm calling Website Wednesday.  For 24 hours on the 19th July 2016 all yarn will be discounted by 15%.  Please note that this does not include yarn already discounted or club memberships.  The discount only applies to full priced yarn in the online shop.   You will know that I don't often have sales across the full range of yarns, so this is a rare opportunity.   And remember, if you are outwith the UK, the exchange rate really is in your favour right now.  And as others have said, don't feel bad taking advantage of the exchange rate - a pound is still a pound for us.


[caption id="attachment_8690" align="aligncenter" width="718"]A Teal Time A Teal Time[/caption]

So sharpen your elbows (so you can elbow your way in), pick yourself some yarn, and get ordering from one minute past midnight tonight and until midnight tomorrow - UK time.