After my previous post about the yarn club for next year - Yarn Notes from Assynt 2016 - I thought I would give you a flavour of the kind of notes that you would receive with your package each month.  It was hard to select one month to show you,  but after looking through Stevan's notes for the year I eventually settled on the notes that accompanied the August 2015 yarn and greetings card.  The subject was Clachtoll and the Split Rock, a site which influences so much of my dyeing because it is where we live.


The photograph above is the one that appeared on the greetings card.  It was taken from Stac Fada, a cliff above Stoer beach from where, if you look in a south easterly direction, you will have a wonderful view of the Split Rocks that dominate Clachtoll beach, and the mountains beyond.  My initial trials at yarn colours for August tried to include almost every shade and colour in the photograph, but it was just too busy, so eventually I settled for a few key colours.


The colour for the monthly yarn isn't necessarily a direct interpretation of the photograph used for the card, but more often than not the theme provides inspiration.  Here's a couple of close up images showing some more detail of the shades:



Now onto the notes which, as I've said, Stevan writes each month.  I wanted to give you a flavour of the sort of aspects and perspectives the notes cover, and so here you can download a PDF of the notes which accompanied the yarn package in August.  Besides the written/printed notes which members receive in their parcel each month, they also have access to a web page where they will find references, additional information and photographs enabling them to explore the subject in more detail, should they wish.

If you'd like to join those who have already signed up for Yarn Notes from Assynt 2016, you can do so by joining here.  It would be lovely to have you along.  Maybe point a loved one in the direction of the link if they ask what you'd like for Christmas?