At this time of year the sea thrift is stunning - dotted along the cliffs you'll find little patches of pink dancing in the light breezes.  To say that the summer, thus far, has been abysmal would be putting a gloss on how the weather has been over the past few weeks, but today it was beautifully sunny, so we grabbed advantage of it and headed off to the cliffs between Stoer and Clachtoll beaches.  And the sea thrift did not disappoint.


It can be found in the crevices of rocks in small groups, or more abundantly, clinging to the side of the cliffs.  They can be tricky to photograph, but Stevan ventured down onto the cliffs (while I wasn't looking!) to take the picture above.


But they're at their best viewed with the sea behind them in the distance.  Such a pretty plant.

The machair was looking stunning today too:


We also passed Bob and Ann's Bororay sheep - handsome fellow! He is posing alongside what is possibly a neolithic cairn.


And closer to home we saw this gorgeous Bororay lamb, with its tiny horns, although I'm sure they'll be every bit as impressive as the old men's once he's a bit older:


As I've already mentioned, I'm off to Woolfest this week, and so the shop is now pretty empty of yarn.  Yarn Club memberships are still available, so if you are wanting to join, or renew, your membership in time to receive a parcel in July, please join soon.