The details of the new yarn club for 2015 have been finalised, and I am very pleased to introduce Yarn Notes from Assynt.


Each month a different site of interest in Assynt the area where I live and work, will be my focus. You will receive a hank of yarn – the colour or colours of which will be loosely connected to the chosen site, as well as a written document giving you some background to the site. Sites may be chosen because of their historical or cultural significance, or simply because they are a beautiful part of Assynt with inspirational colours to work with. Those who follow my blog will know that I often talk about and photograph places of significance in my part of the world.


My husband, Stevan, will write up the notes on each chosen location each month. As some of you may know, he recently attained a first class honours degree in Scottish Cultural Studies, and has a particular interest in cultural and historical sites of Assynt. He also belongs to the Assynt Interpretation Group, a group of local people from specialist backgrounds who meet to further their understanding of the area. He will give you a background into the site, and interpret some of the cultural, sociological, historical or even mythical significances of each chosen site.  Those of you who came on the recent retreat at Glencanisp Lodge, and went for a guided walk with Stevan, will know of his passion for the cultural and historical aspects of this part of the world.  Part of his work in Assynt includes building up a Community digital archive of Assynt.


In addition to the yarn, and the notes from Stevan, you will receive a card with the photograph of the location or locations (if a particular month covers more than one site).   The colours I choose to link to each site may be a direct interpretation of the colours found in the area at certain times of the year, or I may use a bit of artistic licence to ensure you receive a range of shades during the year. I will try and vary the dyeing technique each month, so some months you will receive a solid or almost solid shade, while other months the yarn may be variegated or tonal.


This club is designed to appeal to people who join a club for a wide variety of colours and dyeing techniques as well as those who developed an affinity for Assynt, as I have tried to share it with you in my blog posts.

The Yarn Club will offer the option of 3, 6 or 12 months membership, and there will be the further option of yarn base - either the Reliable Sock Yarn base, or the 100% BFL 4ply base.

I hope you like this idea, and it only remains to for me to say that the first parcels will go out in early January.  If you know someone struggling with what to get you for Christmas, and you want to join, then point them in this direction!