Peggy and I were on our own today for our Sunday Walk.  We headed up to one of my favourite lochs (currently nameless on most maps that we've found), and then headed along the top of the hills to Lexie's Loch.  After what feels like days (and nights) of rain, the ground was pretty soggy underfoot, but the heather is at its very best right now and looking stunning:


There were a lot of colours to inspire today.  The sea was glistening:

[caption id="attachment_7746" align="aligncenter" width="640"]RC-164811-24082014 Stoer Bay[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_7747" align="aligncenter" width="747"]RC-164807-24082014 Split Rock at Clachtoll with Coigach in the distance[/caption]

Even at Lexie's Loch the colours continued to shine through the water:


Although only August, there has been a real autumnal feel to the weather over the past week, and so I wasn't surprised to see mushrooms springing up:



But the star of the show today had to be the heather:


Peggy had great fun, as usual!  She lives by one motto in life and that is "above all else, have fun".


And that may mean allowing yourself to be distracted by the smallest of bugs:


and, when required, sitting for one's boss:


But make sure to get some good running in:


Finally, I received an update today from the organisers of the Edinburgh Yarn Festival due to be held in March 2015.  This event is starting to look very, very exciting.  You may want to consider adding it to your diary for next year - 14th/15th March 2015.   And if you have not already joined their mailing list, make sure you do so you can receive updates as they become available.