This afternoon I played hookie, and went down to the McPhail Centre in Ullapool to see an exhibition which arose out of a project organised by Plantlife called Patchwork Meadow, which forms part of the Wildflower Europe project.  Wildflower Europe aims to "conserve plant-rich landscapes by working with local communities to celebrate wild plants and improve the economic benefit they bring".  The project has involved work in Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Slovenia and the United Kingdom.   Stevan was involved in a project with Wildlife Europe last year, which took him to Bulgaria to present on digital archives and to advise on how digital archives may prove useful to the groups involved.  You can read more about his trip here.

The Patchwork Meadow project ran over 2 years and has bought together nearly 700 fabric squares or patches 15cm x 15cm, made by both individuals and organisations from across the UK.  The patches were organised into a display panels and have been touring the UK over recent weeks.  They are now in Ullapool for the next few weeks, so if you're nearby, go along and have a look at them.

Some of them were simply stunning.  Some had heart wrenching stories behind them.  Some were complex, some were simple.  Here are a few that caught my eye.


This square by Sara Getley is one which I found the most touching.  She says "My grandfather was killed in July 1916 before my mother was born. I have researched the history and some of the documents are shown in the background."


Some panels had to be viewed from the side to see the full effect of the creativity:




Simple, but so effective:




This was another of my favourites:


And the voluptuous poppies - hard to resist:


Naturally the colours in this one appealed to me:


A lovely exhibition!  If you can get to see it, do try.  It is well worth a visit.  Congratulations to the organisers of this, and especially to Seona Anderson who gave a lovely presentation today about the project.