[caption id="attachment_7384" align="aligncenter" width="827"]Nameless Hat Five Photograph courtesy and copyright of Woolly Wormhead[/caption]

Not very long along ago I was talking to Woolly Wormhead on Twitter, and we got chatting about yarn.  And (to cut a long story short) I sent her some of the Warm Hearted Aran which had only just come in and joined the Ripples Crafts family of yarn bases.  Then, after one very long and trying day over on the east coast for yet another visit to the vet with Lexie, I came home to a message from Woolly Wormhead to say that she had finished  a hat design  using the yarn.  It was such a lovely surprise, and I was delighted at the finished hat.  Elegant, stylish, but also understated.

[caption id="attachment_7386" align="aligncenter" width="473"]Nameless Hat Two Photograph courtesy and copyright of Woolly Wormhead[/caption]

The colour which was used for the hat in the photographs was Assynt Moon - a silvery grey shade.  The hat is currently being tech edited, and Woolly hopes to have it ready for release some time in April.  The only problem remaining is that the hat needs a name.  So can you Name That Hat?  If you can think of an imaginative name to give this beautifully detailed hat, leave a comment here.  Between us, Woolly and I will choose our favourite suggestion, and the person whose name is chosen will receive both the pattern and a hank of yarn with which to make the hat for themselves.

So get thinking!  We want something original, fun and stylish - not a lot to ask really!

[caption id="attachment_7387" align="aligncenter" width="473"]Nameless Hat Four Photograph courtesy and copyright of Woolly Wormhead[/caption]

You have until the 24th March to send in your suggestions.  Just leave a comment at the end of this blog entry to have your suggestion entered into the naming pot.  Good luck!

Oh, and when you've finished thinking of a name, make sure you visit Woolly Wormhead's pattern page to see all her other beautiful designs, and make sure the name you've thought of hasn't already been used.  She always manages to come up with a design which is timeless and stylish, but which is unmistakably a Woolly Wormhead design.