It has been all about colour this week.   I have been putting together new colours on the Warm Hearted Aran base, some of which sold out very quickly!  The most popular colourway was Festive Lights, a colour which, up to now, I've only done on the Reliable Sock Yarn base, but which I decided to test out on the aran weight as this base contains some silk, and l knew it would just sparkle.  And sparkle it did!


I'm really enjoying working with this yarn base on Strokkur.  It is growing so quickly, and I'm already up to the point of starting the sleeves, so it is proving a really quick knit.


I'll need to wait for needles to arrive for the sleeves as I'm opting to do the sleeves on DPN's rather than on a circular needle.    Strokkur is the first garment (as opposed to accessories) I'm making with this yarn and so far I'm very happy with the way the yarn is responding.  It shows the shaping well, which I always consider to be important.


I'm using Teal for this garment, which was sold out earlier in the week, but which has now been restocked.

In search of more colours we had a short Sunday Walk.  Lexie is still not 100% so we can't go too far with her.  But she takes every opportunity to drink from rain puddles in the rocks:


And I wasn't disappointed by the colours despite it being a fairly dull day.  Shafts of light over the sea always look exciting, if somewhat moody:


and the lichen and mosses never fail to provide some colour, even in the depths of winter:


What colours will next week hold?  I'll be focussing on drawing up colours for the Post Office Run colourway for March.  Remember, if you want to join the Post Office Run Yarn Club, do so now if you want to join in time to receive the March package.  The feedback from the February colourway has been very positive, despite some of the colours being ones which I consider quite challenging to work with.  I won't show you the February colourway just yet, as some parcels have not quite reached those places furthest from the UK, although I'm reliably informed that it has reached parts of the US and New Zealand.