We have had the full gamut of weather this past week.  Hail, rain, wind, sunshine, sunshine and showers, and snow (on the tops).  But today was absolutely still, and frosty, and cold.  Perfect for a Sunday walk.  But before we could head off, Stevan had to do some checking of the turbine as we are due really strong winds mid-week.  But he had good weather for going to the top of the turbine tower, despite it making my heart miss a beat every time I see him up there.  There was not a cloud in the sky:


Yet again Lexie has been having problems with her paws, so our walks are being somewhat curtailed at the moment.  We headed up to Lexie's Loch, but took the "high road" which involves a steep climb to the top of the hill behind our house, but this effort is rewarded with a wonderful view out over Stoer Bay:


Once we reached Lexie's we were slightly higher than usual, but this meant we got a great view over the loch itself,


and looking north towards the snow covered hills which you can just see in the distance:


It is fortuitous that near the house is a small burn which is handy for washing paws that have got a little black in the bogs when we're on the hills.  However with all the rain we've had this week, the quiet little burn is now quite deep, and is flowing pretty quickly, but Lexie and Peggy were still stoical enough to go through, although Stevan stood guard.  You can see the burn is nearly up to the top of his wellies:


Here are a few more weather-related photographs from earlier in the week: