Looking back through recent blog entries, I seem to be a little obsessed with weather at the moment.  We always joke that we have our own little micro-climate in Clachtoll, but during the last week it really has felt like that.  Just a mile away in all directions there have been storm clouds and reports of torrential rain.  But we seem to have had a permanently blue patch of sky above us for the last week to 10 days.  And hot!  Very, very hot.  Yesterday evening after rainstorms had raged all around the perimeter of Clachtoll, we were treated to a beautiful sunset:



Today dawned another sunny day, but as we set off for our walk to the beach we realised we may have timed it a bit poorly, and once on the beach it was obvious that storm clouds were gathering very quickly:


It was beautifully warm on the beach though, and we were joined by a kayaker who, I assume, had come across from Clachtoll Beach to Stoer Beach.


Peggy had great fun in the waves - Lexie wasn't so sure.


By the time we got home we were all absolutely drenched - but it was lovely to be out in warm rain for a change.