It was pointed out to me this week that sometimes it can be difficult to find particular yarn bases on my website quickly, as I don't always print the name of the yarn base on the yarn label.  As a result, I'm slowly working through the different yarn bases which I dye at Ripples Crafts and giving them names.  Some of them already do have names, such as the donegal nep style yarn which I have called Na Dannsairean (which translates as Merry Dancers) and which many shorten to ND, as there are understandable issues with the correct pronunciation.  My sock yarn base which I have had from the very start of setting up Ripples Crafts is called "Reliable" as it is a strong, hard wearing yarn ideal for socks.

So you will see new names appearing on the website and on labels over the coming weeks.

[caption id="attachment_6322" align="aligncenter" width="589"]Pattern: Stevenson Gauntlets (Colours of Shetland)  Designer: Kate Davies Pattern: Stevenson Gauntlets (Colours of Shetland)
Designer: Kate Davies
Yarn: Ripples Crafts Hjaltland 4ply[/caption]

When thinking about what I could call the Shetland 4ply base which I have recently started to dye and stock, I was struggling for an appropriate name.  Shetland and Orkney, with their historical roots in Scandanavia, especially Norway, developed their own language over time called Norn.   While it is not spoken in modern day Shetland, there are still strong influences from Norn in the place names found in Shetland such as Papa Stour and Muckle Roe, and the Shetland Council still has a Norn motto: Með lögum skal land byggja ("with law shall (we) build (the) land").  I understand that many of the names given to the different colours of undyed shetland wool are derived from Norn.


My shetland base is pure shetland yarn and is spun in Shetland.  So it seemed appropriate that I call the 100% Shetland yarn base Hjaltland, which is the Norn name for Shetland.  The yarn takes dye beautifully, resulting in deep, punchy colours.

[caption id="attachment_6324" align="aligncenter" width="494"]Hjatland 4ply Shetland Yarn Hjatland 4ply Shetland Yarn[/caption]

Look out for more new names for yarn bases over the coming weeks.

And I'm always grateful when folk point out ways in which the website can be improved, so please don't be shy to make suggestions.