After last Sunday's lovely walk it has been an "indoors" kind of week at Lockhart Towers.  I've been huddled over dye pots, trying to get everything I wanted done for the Edinburgh Yarn Festival next Saturday, and Stevan has been hunched over Old Scots texts dating from the 1540's, trying to translate them into more modern language.  Added to which we've had one poorly dog with an ear infection - a painful condition at the best of times without the added misery of being dragged out for walks in a biting easterly wind.

But today we just needed to get out!  We headed down to Stoer beach, where an exceptionally low tide meant the beach looked stunning:

[caption id="attachment_6153" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Stoer Beach[/caption]

There was still a biting wind, but Lexie's ear is a little better and we all needed some fresh air and exercise.  It was difficult to stop taking photographs, as the light was perfect for capturing the beach and the sea.

There was the odd snowflake, which wasn't surprising given the direction of the wind and the black clouds creeping up over the hills:


While I managed to photograph the sea spray,

Stevan managed to photograph the elusive white horses:

A lovely, "fresh" walk, but we were all grateful to get back into the warmth of the house.

It will be a busy week of build up to the Edinburgh Yarn Festival on Saturday 16th, so apologies if is a little quiet on the blog.  I have lists dotted all around the house which get added to constantly - I'm not quite sure how it is all going to fit in Mungo, but we'll get it all to Edinburgh somehow.  To all of you coming - I look forward to seeing you there.  And for those of you not coming - I promise a proper update to the shop once I return.