To ensure no rumours start to arise out of my last post, we are NOT house hunting!!  But I can tell you no more than that just now.

Our drive to and from the little Post Office in Lochinver takes about 15 or 20 minutes, depending on weather conditions and the time of year.  In summer it can take a lot longer, as the 7 miles of single track road are full of holidaymakers taking their time along the road, either out of concern for driving on a narrow, unknown to them road, or because they are just enjoying our beautiful scenery.  In the winter, however, the roads are often very quiet, and the temptation is to zip in and out of Lochinver, get the post posted and get back to the dyeshed to do work.  But it is worth taking your time, sometimes, to reabsorb the scenery of Assynt.  This morning was a morning just like that.  I left Clachtoll in bright sunshine, but by the time I was on top of Srón (a hill well known to anyone who has travelled along our little road) there were almost blizzard like conditions.  The road had suddenly turned white, and I was forced to slow down in case of ice hiding under the snow.

On the way home from the Post Office, about 15 minutes later, it was all change again.  And I stopped in the viewpoint at the top of Srón to take this photograph of the snow storm approaching over Suilven.

I will admit to tweaking the lighting in this photograph slightly, but only because the light was poor, and as a result the photograph didn't show the dramatic lighting from the sun behind the storm clouds.

This week I started to introduce a new range of colourways into the Ripples Crafts shop.  I have called this range Assynt Storms.  Each and every one of these will be different, and they are completely unrepeatable.  They are dyed in a similar way to the Assynt Jewels range, but whereas the Jewels range are brighter, deeply jewelled shades, the Storms range reflect the shades found in Assynt during one of the many storms that we have.  Quite often the light and colours that result during these storms are stunning.  And I wanted to reflect them in my yarn.

The colour in each of the hanks will be randomly spaced.  There may be blocks of colour, or there may be short colour patches.  The one above encompasses both of these.

As another example from this range, the above two were dyed together, and while they look very similar there are small differences between the two hanks, and the colouring in these is more in blocks of colours.

At the moment this range is only dyed on the Reliable Sock Yarn base, which is 75% wool, 25% nylon and is 4ply.  However I will be expanding it on to other bases.  The simplest way to find them in the shop is to put Assynt Storm in the search box.  There are only a couple left from the first batch which I dyed, but I am dyeing more and will be bringing a few down to the event in Edinburgh on the 16th March.