I was pretty occupied today dispatching the first lot of orders for Heather's GOLD and dyeing up the next batch for orders which came in yesterday and today (and which will go out on Friday), so Stevan was on his own today when he took the dogs for their walk.  We've not had the quantities of snow that they have had further south, but what we have had has frozen pretty solid making it pretty treacherous underfoot.  But it was a bright, crisp, sunny day, and the colours were, quite simply, stunning.  Here are some of Stevan's photographs looking out over the Minch towards the Hebrides.

First up - an action shot (no, not blurred, it is meant to convey movement!):

Looking south towards Coigach:


And looking west towards the Hebrides:

And I love this one ....

I know some find the short days in winter difficult, but you can't accuse the Scottish Highlands of just being dark and dreary - not when there is precious days like today when the colours are staggering.