At this time of year the hills smell like honey.  Heather Honey.  It is a wonderful smell and one not easily forgotten.  The heather in the hills around Assynt are a myriad of colours ranging from pure white to deep, deep purple.

It is impossible not to get coated in the pollen from the heather as you brush up against it, sending out thousands of pollen spores.    I wish I had the knowledge that allowed me to name all the different species, but I don't.  I just know that we have a huge variety here.  And of course the photo opportunities it provides are endless.

Everywhere you look there is a purple/pink hue which is impossible to miss:



It provides a backdrop to everything, including our favourite old willow tree which has provided us with many a willow sapling which we're trying to nurture in the garden.

It is a special time of year.