It has been a week of paperwork at Lockhart Towers.  I have a busy few months ahead so I decided that I really needed to get up to date with everything and also try and get in our tax returns well ahead of schedule as I always feel they are hanging over me while they remain undone.  By Friday afternoon I was all but finished - I just need to press the "submit" button!  But I was ready for a small reward, and that reward came in the form of a box.  I'd gone out to the dye shed to collect something, only to find a giant box in my drying tent.  And inside was an order I'd been looking forward to receiving:


I am really pleased with these bags.  I have wanted to have some printed for a while, but I knew that my current banner/icon/logo/call it what you will wouldn't really translate well to screen printing, so I asked the lovely folk at Cornish Jute Bag Company to come up with something for me.  I wanted something that reflected our location, and also knitting and yarn, and I think their design is just perfect.  Thank you to Niall and the team at Cornish Jute Bags.  Niall took a lot of time reading my blog and looking at what I sold to try and get a feel for the business and for where I live and work, and I really do love the design.

The bags are now up in the shop for you to buy, and if you spend over £60 on yarn in the shop I will automatically include a bag in your parcel - just tell me which of the five colours currently available you'd prefer.  And for those eagle eyed among you who have noticed there is no purple bag ...... fear not.  They were just out of stock of purple bags when I put the order in, but the next round of printing will include purple.  Colours currently available are Emerald Green, Silver Grey, Shocking Pink, Aqua and Peacock Blue.  Their size is approximately 12" x 12" x 8" and they are ideal as project bags, or, as I found out this morning, shopping bags.  I got a couple of rather envious looks this morning, as well as having the bag complimented on by Margaret in the butchers.

Another reward for being stuck indoors all week doing paperwork was a lovely walk on the beach this afternoon.  It has been a glorious day here, an it was a very low tide at around 2.00pm, so we took advantage of both and headed down to Stoer Bay and away from the midges that can be so bothersome if you go walking in the hills on a still day.  We almost had the beach to ourselves - there was only one other small family enjoying the sunshine.

The low tide meant there were many rocks exposed, and the plethora of different species on them was amazing.


Despite the sunny afternoon, the storm clouds are never too far away:

For once it was Peggy who took centre stage in the photographs.  Of the 2 dogs she is the boldest when it comes to the sea.  At one point she was almost surfing on the waves:

Now, I am going to tease you with a little bit of news about a new type of club which will be available later this year and which will run during 2013.  I am very excited about this particular club, and it has come about after meeting somebody at Woolfest this year.  I am not going to tell you too much as I don't want to spoil the surprise, but suffice it to say that both my collaborator and I think it is unique.  We've never heard of one that is the same, and it is presenting me with a different range of creative challenges which I'm really enjoying mulling over.   We hope to finalise details over the next couple of weeks, and then I can tell you a little more.  Places will be very limited.