June was an incredibly busy month, and as a result Sunday Walks went on to the backburner for a few weeks.  But today we ignored the gathering black clouds above Clachtoll and set off for a Sunday Walk.   We took our usual, favourite route which means we climb very quickly and before long we're out of breath but looking back down over the Minch.


There is so much of interest in the hills at the moment, so the walk was frequently interrupted by the need to photograph something or other, and Stevan had many opportunities to try out a new camera lens with the ever helpful Lexie close to hand (note the hand dyed socks!):

And the resulting photograph:

Peggy, as ever, proved tricky to photograph - she simply doesn't stand still for 2 seconds.  I have simply lost count of the number of photographs I have of her just disappearing out of one corner or other of the photo.

But eventually tiredness made her stop for a few moments - but you have to be quick.

We soon reached Water Loch, one of our favourites.  But not before discovering this erratic.  They tend to be found along the tops of hills, and this is a classic example:

[caption id="attachment_5475" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Typical glacial erratic with Suilven in the distance[/caption]

Once high above Water Loch I could no longer contain myself and simply had to make use of the panoramic feature on my camera:

But unfortunately the panoramic shots are really just too small to be very helpful on a blog!

So .... I'll leave you with a few of the pictures of flora currently found in Assynt: