Especially when the view from your office (albeit temorary office) looks like this:

Karelia House is set in a stunning location amidst Perthshire countryside.  From the outside the building may not look like anything that different:

But inside it is a beautiful airy space that holds a huge amount of different craft items and beautiful yarns.  Part of the space is given over to a little cafe which offers you the most delicious soups, cakes, scones and snacks all baked on site:

I was allowed to take over the whole room which is normally dedicated to classes:

The beautiful fabrics which were all around this room almost made me wish that I quilted.

The Na Dannsairean 4ply is just flying .... helped along by my version of Still Light which numerous folk have tried on and loved, and all have looked great in it.  I wish I had designed this pattern!  Once I get back home tomorrow I'll have my work cut out for me to dye and build up stocks for Woolfest which is NEXT WEEK!  By this time next week I should be set up and ready to face the crowds on Friday morning.  I'm thrilled that I will have my friends Liz and Dorothy to help me this year, and you'll find us all on stands J205-206.